Recently Published Ottawa Decisions

Find below recently published Ottawa decisions, available for free through

Family Matters

Robson v. Pellerin (2019 ONSC 6729)
children — income — spousal support — parent — overnight
Justice J. Mackinnon

Aden v. Mohamud (2019 ONSC 6493)
marriage — income — spousal support — child — school
Justice T. Engelking

Sparr v. Downing (2019 ONSC 6564)
disclosure — striking — orders — financial — non-compliance
Justice M. O’Bonsawin

Re Galeano (2019 ONSC 4984)
bankruptcy — pension — husband — equalization of net family property — discharge
Justice S. Kershman

Civil Matters

Paul Sun v. Duc-Tho Ma (2019 ONSC 6659)
promissory — million founders shares — corporation — loan — evidence
Justice C. MacLeod

Nimchick v. Nimchick (2019 ONSC 6653)
substantial indemnity costs — reprehensible — fraud — offer — allegations
Justice R. Ryan Bell

Facchini v. The Attorney General of Canada (2019 ONSC 6559)
offer to settle — costs — unnecessarily lengthened — indemnity — all-inclusive amount
Justice P. Roger

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New Titles – November 2019

See the list below for new titles now available at the CCLA library!


2020 Annotated Ontario Education Act (Thomson Reuters)

2020 Annotated Tremeear’s Criminal Code (Thomson Reuters)

Annotated Ontario Arbitration Legislation – Arbitration Act, 1991 and International Commercial Arbitration Act, 2017, 3rd Ed. (Thomson Reuters)

Annual Review of Civil Litigation 2019 (Thomson Reuters)

Annual Review of Family Law 2018-2019 (Thomson Reuters)

Branding and Copyright for Charities and Non-Profit Organizations, 3rd Ed. (LexisNexis)

Canada’s Cannabis Act: Annotation & Commentary, 2019/2020 Ed. (LexisNexis)

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, 5th Ed. (LexisNexis)

Commissions of Inquiry (LexisNexis)

Contemporary Canadian Insurance Law (LexisNexis)

The Executor’s Handbook, 6th Ed. (LexisNexis)

Ontario Employment Law Handbook – An Employer’s Guide, 12th Ed. (LexisNexis)

Ontario Family Law Practice, 2020 Ed. (LexisNexis)

Ontario Superior Court Practice: Annotated Rules & Legislation, 2020 Ed. (LexisNexis)

The Privacy Officer’s Guide to Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, 2020 Ed. (LexisNexis)

Real Estate Finance in Canada (LexisNexis)

Researching Legislative Intent: A Practical Guide (Irwin Law)

Trusts in Common-Law Canada, 3rd Ed. (LexisNexis)

Understanding Lawyers’ Ethics in Canada, 2nd Ed. (LexisNexis)

Recently Published Ottawa Decisions

Find below recently published Ottawa decisions, available for free through

Family Matters

Al Sabki v. Al Jajeh (2019 ONSC 6394)
wife — husband — foreign divorce — jurisdiction — dowry
Justice J. Audet

Crockett v. Crockett (2019 ONSC 6375)
spousal support — matrimonial home — ssag-ldfpae — equalization — income
Justice J. Mackinnon

Civil Matters

Falsetto v. Falsetto (2019 ONSC 6405)
motion — fair disclosure — properties — without notice — assets
Justice S. Corthorn

GoodLife Fitness Centres Inc. v. Hicks (2019 ONSC 6381)
partial indemnity scale — disbursements — costs of the application — amount — fees
Justice S. Corthorn

Cash Flow Recoveries Inc. v. Miracle (2019 ONSC 6373)
fuel — father — partnership — debt — genuine issue requiring
Justice A. London-Weinstein

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Ottawa Blog Roll: September-October 2019

Please find below links to blog posts or articles authored by the Ottawa legal community in September and October.

Civil Litigation

Ontario’s Small Claims Court Raising its $$ Limits
– David Plotkin, Condo Adviser

Two appeal decisions spotlight plight of self-represented litigants
– Robert J. De Toni, Merovitz Potechin LLP

What Happens When a Landlord Defaults on their Mortgage?
– Kelli-Anne Day, Merovitz Potechin LLP

Canadian Neighbours Go To Battle Over Maple Tree
– The Ontario Wills and Estates Law Blog

Recreational Trails And Non-Urban Property Use: “Risks Willingly Assumed”
– Najma Rashid, OTLA

No “Home Free” Defence for Commercial Host
– Edward Masters, Mann Lawyers

Is it Time for a Royal Commission on Occupational Illness & Compensation?
– Van Dyke Injury Law Blog

Injured Workers Seek UN Recommendations on Deeming
– Van Dyke Injury Law Blog

Interim Construction Adjudication Takes Effect in October 2019
– Bryce Dillon & Keith A. MacLaren, Perley-Robertson Hill & McDougall LLP/s.r.l.

Condominium Law

The 10-Day Countdown to Condo Liens is Not as Simple as it Sounds
– Graeme Macpherson, Condo Adviser

Condo Declaration May Not Impose an Obligation to Lease Parking in Perpetuity
– Rod Escayola, Condo Adviser

Condo’s Legal Bills Sent to be Assessed
– Graeme Macpherson, Condo Adviser

Court Expands Condo Lien Notification Requirements
– Rod Escayola, Condo Adviser

Harassment in the Condominium Setting
– James Davidson, Davidson Houle Allen LLP

Buyer Beware: Enhanced Disclosure for Purchasers of Pre-construction Condominiums
– Emily Deng, Davidson Houle Allen LLP

Condominium Landlords Can Be Held Responsible for their Tenants
– Mohiminol Khandaker, Davidson Houle Allen LLP

What’s in a Majority? The Buzz on By-Laws
– Andrea Daly, Davidson Houle Allen LLP

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Recently Published Ottawa Decisions

Find below recently published Ottawa decisions, available for free through

Family Matters

A.K. c. J-Y.S. (2019 ONSC 6199)
père — mère — garde — pension alimentaire — visites
Juge S. Gomery

Barrett v. Barrett (2019 ONSC 6197)
motion — financial — spousal support — child — daughters
Master A. Kaufman

Freedman v. Freedman (2019 ONSC 6065)
spousal support — motion to change — arrears — pay costs in the amount — disclosure
Justice J. Audet

Sassa c. Moki (2019 ONSC 6037)
mère — père — visites — incident — parent
Justice S. Gomery

Cohen v. Cohen (2019 ONSC 5957)
costs — motion — bifurcation — sub-rule — successful
Justice J. Audet

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A Definitive Guide for When to Gown (or Not Gown) in Ottawa

We’re often asked about robing protocol and to be honest, we don’t know. We’re not lawyers and the entire practice around when to gown or not seems like a mystery to us! Unfortunately, it wasn’t clear for lawyers, either. Which is why <drumroll> we’re very excited to present our Definitive Guide for When to Gown (or Not Gown) in Ottawa.


We’ve also posted this to our website under the Practice Portals, along with a text version, and we’ll be hanging them up in the Library, Lounge, and Robing Rooms too. Hope it helps!

Thank you to the many people who have helped with this chart, including Sean Bawden, Jonathan Richardson, Karen Ann Reid, and members of judiciary of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

Recently Published Ottawa Decisions

Find below recently published Ottawa decisions, available for free through

Family Matters

Georgaros-Simpson v. Georgaros (2019 ONSC 5900)
costs — child — father — motion — spousal support
Justice J. Audet

Petrovic v. Petrovic (2019 ONSC 5838)
service — efforts to learn address — evidence — served — reasonably diligent efforts to learn
Justice P. MacEachern

Geldart v. Cosman (2019 ONSC 5791)
children — parenting time — evening — spousal support — police enforcement clause
Justice T. Engelking

Prentice v. Prentice (2019 ONSC 5676)
children — parenting — custody — daycare — assessment
Justice J. Blishen

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Recently Published Ottawa Decisions

Find below recently published Ottawa decisions, available for free through

Family Matters

Al-Abdan v. MacKinnon (2019 ONSC 5595)
children — ex-parte without notice basis — locate — diet — interests
Justice K. Phillips

Gomez v. Revecho (2019 ONSC 5585)
parenting — child — motion — update — school
Justice C. MacLeod

Sakiyama v. Sakiyama (2019 ONSC 5522)
disclosure — orders — served — comply — motion
Justice P. MacEachern

McConnell v. McConnell (2019 ONSC 5508)
disclosure — including copies of all correspondence — credit card statements — laid-off — employment
Justice P. MacEachern

Brisebois v.Otim (2019 ONSC 5468)
mental health — disclosure — family doctor — suicide — records
Justice M. Labrosse

MacInnis v. Cross (2019 ONSC 5456)
spousal support — disclosure — non-compliance — financial — cohabitation
Justice J. Mackinnon

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Introducing our New Library Name: The Gordon F. Henderson Library

Cross-posted from the CCLA/ABCC website:

The County of Carleton Law Association (CCLA) is pleased to announce the new name of their library.

Thanks to the generous title-sponsor level contributions by Gowling WLG (Canada) to the CCLA Renovations Campaign, the CCLA Library will now proudly bear the name of The Gordon F. Henderson Library.

Gordon F. Henderson CC QC (1912–1993) was an intellectual property lawyer who joined Henderson Herridge & Gowling (now Gowling WLG) in 1937, and later became its chairman. He was known for his advocacy on intellectual property matters as well as his involvement with intellectual property organizations throughout his career. Gordon Henderson was not just an IP lawyer; he excelled in every branch of the law he touched. His love of learning and of the law, as well as his high ethical and work standards infected all who were exposed to him.

Henderson was an active participant in professional associations both within and outside the legal community. He established the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada and was president of the Canadian Bar Association. He was the founding editor of the Canadian Patent Reporter in 1941 and was its editor until his death. Henderson served on the Board of Governors of the University of Ottawa, and from 1991-1993, he was chancellor of the university.

Henderson was also a philanthropist, humanitarian and civic leader in Ottawa, having founded or lent his support to numerous causes. He was awarded Canada’s highest civilian honour, a Companion of the Order of Canada, for his decades of service to his community and his profession.

Within the the Library, visitors can now find both a portrait of Gordon F. Henderson, as well as an art installation dedicated to his life and influence in the community.

The Gordon F. Henderson Library is located in the Ottawa courthouse at 161 Elgin Street. Established in 1888 to provide a legal research materials to Ottawa lawyers and judges, the Gordon F. Henderson Library remains a vital research hub for the Ottawa legal community, and serves lawyers, judges, paralegals, and students.