Recently Published Ottawa Decisions

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Family Matters

Mutsami v. Lees (2012 ONSC 4678)
Justice P. Kane

St-Onge v. Desy (2012 ONSC 4697)
daughters—military—interim spousal support—income—studio
Justice P. Kane

Keeley v. Shields (2012 ONSC 4672)
alcohol—addiction—children—access—start of school
Justice P. Kane

Carbonneau c. Thibodeau (2012 ONCS 4692)
dépens—déplacer au-delà d’un rayon—motion urgente—visites—surveillées
Justice R. Beaudoin

The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa v. A.T. (2012 ONSC 4261)
children—priest—mental health—psychiatric—medication
Justice P. Kane

Verch v. Verch (2012 ONSC 4587)
lapsed home insurance policy—questioning—coordinator—motion—endorsement
Justice M. Quigley

Civil Matters

McLean v. Knox (2012 ONSC 3184)
contributory negligence—deductible—cent—causing the accident—over-serving
Justice R. Smith

Barbeau Estate (2012 ONSC 3249)
period of thirty days—common-law spouse—testator—residue—survived
Justice R. Smith

Paul Daoust Construction & Associates Ltd. c. Caisse populaire Trillium Inc. (2012 ONSC 4757)
assemblée générale—co-signataire sur les comptes bancaires—award costs against a non-party—indemnity—injonction
Justice M. Métivier

Kerr v. Kerr (2012 ONSC 4815)
appraisals—subject property—motion—contends—security for costs
Justice B. Abrams

Castonguay Construction (2000) Ltd. v. Commonwealth Plywood Co. Ltd. – La Compagnie Commonwealth Plywood Ltée (2012 ONSC 4557)
motion—partial indemnity—expended—costs—preparation
Justice G. Toscano Roccamo

Hardtke (Re) (2012 ONSC 4662)
bankrupt—discharge—cottage—personal income tax debt—clinics
Justice S. Kershman

Hervé Pomerleau Ontario Inc. v. City of Ottawa (2012 ONSC 4664)
sham corporation—substantial indemnity costs—motion—allegations of improper conduct—fraud
Justice R. Beaudoin

Criminal Matters

R. v. Abboud (2012 ONSC 3862)
cocaine—undercover officer—lol—police—text
Justice R. Smith

R. v. Wright (2012 ONSC 4713)
donors—organization—property tax reform—business—cheque
Justice J. Blishen


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