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Recently Published Ottawa Decisions

Find below recently published Ottawa decisions, available through CanLII.org.

Family Matters

Dnistrianskyj v. Savard (2012 ONSC 7259)
Justice M. Métivier

J. v. M. (2012 ONSC 6861)
Justice T. Ray

J. v. M. (2012 ONSC 7342)
Justice T. Ray

Kaul v. Hart (2012 ONSC 7186)
percent of the time—child support—lives—income—paid
Justice S. Kershman

Newell v. Allen (2012 ONSC 7194)
Justice J. Mackinnon

Grandmaître c. Beauvais (2013 ONSC 32)
Justice J. Parfett

Civil Matters

Kular v. Ecosol Solar Technologies Inc. et al (2012 ONSC 6410)
litigation timetable—contested status—motion—onus of showing cause—endorsement
Master P. Roger

St. Lewis v. Rancourt (2012 ONSC 6985)
ordered to answer questions—cross-examination—affidavit—credibility—relevant
Justice R. Smith

St. Lewis v. Rancourt (2012 ONSC 7066)
refusals motion—costs—recused—representatives
Justice R. Smith

Thode v. University of Ottawa (2012 ONSC 7284)
defamation—academic—university—punitive damages—reputation
Justice J. McNamara

Walsh Energy Inc. (The Energy Centre) v. Better Business Bureau of Ottawa-Hull Incorporated/Bureau d’éthique commercial d’Ottawa-Hull Incorporée (Better Business Bureau Serving Eastern and Northern Ontario and the Outaouais) (2012 ONSC 5819)
rating—website—libel—unsatisfactory—reliability report
Justice H. McLean

Ottawa (City) v. Girard (2012 ONSC 7256)
overpayment—jurisdiction—arbitration—collective agreement—employee
Justice M. Métivier

N12 Consulting Corp. and Paul Hulford (2012 ONSC 7306)
costs—hard drive—motion—password—laptop
Master C. MacLeod

Ouellette v. Attorney-General of Canada (2012 ONSC 7375)
grievance—command—damages—defamatory statements—service related injury
Justice T. Ray

Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company v. Prest (2013 ONSC 92)
parking spot—parked—curb—tripped—vehicle
Justice J. McNamara

Kandolo v. Kabelu (2013 ONSC 73)
resignations—charitable non-share capital corporation—offer to settle—revoke—costs
Justice R. Smith

Criminal Matters

R. v. Issaky (2012 ONSC 2420)
fire—wreath—pre-sentence custody—sentence—manslaughter
Justice L. Ratushny

R. v. Sarsfield (2012 ONSC 5625)
trafficking—drugs—arrest—interrogation—conspiracy to traffic
Justice P. Kane

R. v. Sarsfield (2012 ONSC 6286)
cocaine—phone to phone—telephone—numerical text messages—sleeves
Justice P. Kane

R. v. Land (2012 ONSC 3989)
viva voce evidence—pre-trial motions—witnesses—reliability—principled exception to the hearsay
Justice C. Aitken

R. v. Land (2012 ONSC 4080)
support person—witness—mental—grandmother—interviews
Justice C. Aitken

R. v. Land (2012 ONSC 5270)
acts complained—apartment—videotaped—proper administration of justice—knife
Justice C. Aitken