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Ottawa Blog Roll: September 2016

Below are links to blog posts or articles authored by the Ottawa legal community in September.

Civil Litigation

Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits – A Primer
– Najma Rashid, OTLA Blog

Ottawa’s Cyclist Safety Crisis
– Frank Van Dyke, Van Dyke Injury Law Blog

What is a “Rule 49” Offer to Settle?
– Alexandra Ormond, Perley-Robertson Hill & McDougall LLP

Corporate Commercial Law

Agreements of Purchase and Sale Must be Completed in Good Faith
– Noah Potechin, Merovitz Potechin LLP

Video Blog – Management Buyout as Succession Plan Option
– Robert P. Kinghan, Perley-Robertson Hill & McDougall LLP

Criminal Law

A Picture May Be Worth a Thousand Words, But the Fairness When It Comes to the Justice System is Priceless
– Michael Spratt, Abergel Goldstein & Partners LLP

Can’t Sneak That Third Party In The Back Door
– Dallas Mack, Mack’s Criminal Law

Objective Validity: Is That Sufficient?
– Dallas Mack, Mack’s Criminal Law

Invitation To Knock? Depends If You Are Investigating Or Searching…
– Dallas Mack, Mack’s Criminal Law

The Basics of Bail
– Anne-Marie McElroy, McElroy Law

August Criminal Law Round-up
– Anne-Marie McElroy, McElroy Law

Employment & Labour Law

“Age is an impediment”: Fair severance for older employees in Ontario
– Paul Willetts, Vey Willetts LLP

Surviving Your Performance Improvement Plan
– Andrew Vey, Vey Willetts LLP

For Your Eyes Only – Privacy and Digital Technology
– Paul Taylor-Sussex, Labour of Law

Being “Reckless With the Truth” Not Just Cause for Termination
– Sean Bawden, Labour Pains

Will Wood Finally Answer the Question of Benefits? There’s Hope.
– Sean Bawden, Labour Pains

Emotional Upset Not Enough for Award of General Damages: ONCA
– Sean Bawden, Labour Pains

It’s All In Your Head! When Should You Report A Head Injury?
– Peggy King, Labour of Law

Terminations during the Probationary Period: Three Common Assumptions
– Colleen Hoey, Mann Lawyers

Fiduciary Employees Held to a Higher Standard
– Jill Lewis, The Workplace Matters

Restrictive Covenants: What Are My Rights Post-Employment?
– Stephanie Lewis, The Workplace Matters

Family Law

Attending Kids’ Events: Whose Turn is It?
– Dana Du Perron, The Family Connection

Donor Sperm: Buyer Beware?
– Erin Lepine and Paul Taylor-Sussex, The Family Connection

Cost Recovery in Family Law Litigation
– Tess Brown, LMR Family Law

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