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Recently Published Ottawa Decisions

Find below recently published Ottawa decisions, available for free through

Family Matters

Lapp v. Dunn (2020 ONSC 1720)
income — imputed — child support — arrears — payor
Justice S. Gomery

Cohen v. Cohen (2020 ONSC 1717)
motion — offer — settle — costs on a full recovery — testify
Justice S. Corthorn

DeGiorgio v. DeGiorgio (2020 ONSC 1674)
recording — father — child — admissible — electronic record
Justice J. Mackinnon

Civil Matters

Cowley v. Skyjack Inc. et al. (2020 ONSC 1718)
subrogation — benefits — double recovery — private insurance exception — motion
Justice S. Corthorn

Baker v. Maloney (2020 ONSC 1929)
covid — https — ontariocourts — can purchase a new draft — reattended
Justice S. Kershman

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Linking to Conference Materials on CanLII

With our announcement that the CCLA Conference Papers Database has moved to CanLII, we are sure some of you are wondering how you can link to your work (for example, if you wanted to link from your firm website to a paper you gave). This is very easy to do on CanLII, so here are the step by step instructions! 

1. Find Your Paper

You can find your paper by browsing through the contents for each conference, or you can use the search box on the Conference Proceedings page to look for your paper title or your name.

2. When you’ve found your paper, look at the boxed heading at the top of the page

3. Copy the permanent link, and use that link for your website (or wherever!)


If you’re curious, that same tidy permanent link is available on all documents on CanLII. If you’re using CanLII at all – and you probably are or should be! – check that out for a nice, stable link in your documents.

In decisions:



In legislation:

Available CCLA Library Services during COVID-19 Shutdown

The CCLA Library may have closed its physical doors for the time being, but we’re still able to assist you remotely with many of your legal research needs! Here’s what we can still help with :

  • Case & Looseleaf Searching: We still have access to Quicklaw Advance, WestlawNext, and Proview and are able to run keyword searches for you on a wide variety of topics.
  • Case & Document Retrieval: Missed the chance to grab a remote HeinOnline password while the Great Library is closed? Let us know if there are any journal articles you might need and we can forward them along to you!
  • Precedents: We might not have our print collection, but there are a ton of precedents available in O’Briens and Quicklaw that we can search for you to assist with your drafting.
  • Legislative Research: Historical legislation is confusing! (but we love doing it!) Let us help point you in the right direction with tracing or helping to find point-in-time legislation.

Unfortunately for the time being we are not able to assist with:

  • Scanning Print Materials
  • Interlibrary Loans
  • Eliminating pandemic-related anxiety (let’s all breathe and do some yoga)

So please don’t hesitate to send us an email if there’s anything we may be able to help with as you’re locked up at home! Wishing you and your families health and safety.

Recently Published Ottawa Decisions

Find below recently published Ottawa decisions, available for free through

Family Matters

Proulx v. Guy (2020 ONSC 1285)
spousal support — offer to settle — retroactive child support — life insurance — amount
Justice A. Doyle

Bloom v. Bloom (2020 ONSC 1397)
father — spousal support — children — genuine issue requiring — variation
Justice J. Audet

Civil Matters

Perodeau v. TD Canada Trust et al. (2020 ONSC 1542)
fiduciary duty — renewal — borrower — insurance — res judicata
Justice S. Corthorn

Eureka 93 Inc. et. al. (Re) (2020 ONSC 1482)
noteholders — creditors — proposal — interim financing — cannabis
Justice C. MacLeod

Byeongheon Lee v. 2321324 Ontario Inc. (2020 ONSC 1473)
landlord — lease — dry-cleaning business — equipment — premises
Justice C. Hackland

The Economical Insurance Group v. Desjardins Insurance (2020 ONSC 1363)
arbitrator — claimants — principally dependent — injured — insurer
Justice C. MacLeod

Romain et al v. Reid et al (2020 ONSC 1405)
production — discovery — motion — children — probative
Justice S. Gomery

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CCLA Conference Papers: Now on CanLII!

Back in August, we mentioned that software and hardware upgrades at the CCLA necessitated our taking down the CCLA Conference Papers Database on our website. For almost 10 years we provided free access to our excellent archive of conference materials, and whatever was going to replace the database had to be great. We believe we’ve found the perfect solution. 

As of today, select papers from the CCLA’s four major conferences will be available on CanLII! CanLII’s Commentary collection has been growing steadily in the past few years, bringing more and more free and highquality legal information to its platform. Freely accessible from anywhere, the collection has been a monumental step forward in access to justice. When CanLII said they would host our conference papers collection, we were thrilled!  

The collection on CanLII currently is just from 2018; it will eventually date back to 2014, and we will continue to add new materials to the collection after each conference. Which materials are included are decided by the editorial team at Lexum (the platform CanLII lives on), so if you want your paper or presentation to be included, be sure to make it awesome. If you have contributed in the past and you’d rather not have your work on CanLII, that’s okay too – just let us know. 

If you want to go check out the collection, here’s a direct link to the “Conference Proceedings” page  on CanLII. Materials will come up in search results too, under the “Commentary” tab. 

As for the materials from previous years and the materials that did not get posted to CanLII, you can always request those from us. On each of the conference pages on the CCLA website, you can find a Table of Contents for each conference. Call, email, or visit us and we’ll set you up with those materials. 

Thank you to CanLII for giving our conference papers collection a new home! 

Recently Published Ottawa Decisions

Find below recently published Ottawa decisions, available for free through

Family Matters

Murray v. Choudhary (2020 ONSC 1183)
motion — prong of the test — cost — file — contempt
Justice P. MacEachern

Zelaya v. Zelaya (2020 ONSC 1182)
child support — conference — arrears — motion to change — file her response
Justice P. MacEachern

Zeineldin v. Elshikh (2020 ONSC 1160)
divorce — income — interim disbursement — foreign — children
Justice T. Engelking

CAS v. K.S. (2020 ONSC 1051)
child — genuine issue requiring — access — extended society care — best interests
Justice D. Summers

Scutt v. St. Cyr (2020 ONSC 1159)
children — father — parenting — clinical assessor — custody
Justice J. Audet

Patullo v. Hickey (2020 ONSC 1156)
email — child — access — conference — motion
Justice P. MacEachern

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