By Jennifer Walker

Fairly regularly, we’re asked in a hushed, anxious tone, “Can I bring, you know, a coffee in here?” I remember all too well the Draconian food and drink policies at my university library, and the resultant frantic chugging of a scalding tea in order to enter the library, or the attempts to sneak in a bag of chips (which must be the worst snack food option for a quiet library).

Here at the CCLA, we’re definitely okay with clients bringing food and drink into the library. Perhaps not a five course dinner or anything requiring an open flame (this really isn’t the time or place for crème brûlée), but the typical cup of coffee or a sandwich are no problem. In fact, we anticipate clients bringing food and drink to our lunchtime training sessions! We kindly ask that you leave no trace behind, and trust there won’t be sticky jam fingerprints on the computers, or coffee spills on the books. The cafeteria in the lower level of the courthouse is open until about 3:00 from Monday to Friday. If you’ll be here after hours, make sure to grab provisions ahead of time.

Ah, and of course, should you want to show appreciation to your excellent library staff, we wouldn’t be opposed to the occasional delivery of snacks for us, too! We have a particular interest in Edible Arrangements, or in a pinch, any variety of chocolate-covered fruit.

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