By Jennifer Walker

We’ve continued to receive many new 2011 editions of popular titles this month. As of today, I believe all of the new Criminal Codes and civil practice guides are in, as well as a few of the other annotated legislation titles that update annually. As always, our most recent copies of annotated acts are kept in the Reference section (that’s the section immediately to your left in the seating area). We like to keep them close and easy for you to access, but as always, let us know if you need a hand finding anything in the collection.

Also, one final note on Continuing Legal Education materials. The summer is always a slow time for us for collecting these valuable resources. Now that autumn is here, we expect to be getting many new titles from the Law Society, other law associations in Ontario, and from our own programming. If there is a seminar from another organization (such as the OBA) that looks interesting, please let us know – with the sheer volume of materials we get from the aforementioned groups, we tend to purchase very few CLE titles. We’d love your input and suggestions for purchase!