With October mailings came many a delivery of Law Society of Upper Canada “Continuing Professional Development” materials, the new name for what was formerly “Continuing Legal Education” or CLE.  The binders are always full of really interesting papers, so to be getting some new titles at the library is pretty exciting.  I’m personally pretty thrilled about the new binder from their “Annotated Document Series” entitled Annotated Business Agreements 2010.  We are often asked for just such precedents, so it’s nice to have a new resource to offer our clients.  As always, materials from every Law Society CPD session are sent to the CCLA library, usually within a month of the event.  Some of these materials are still being processed, so if the binder you’re looking for is not on the shelf yet, it will be soon!

New editions of annually updated titles are also continuing to arrive.  Certainly of excitement to a great number of our clients will be the new 2011 edition of the Ontario Annual Family Practice.  Our two copies of this title aren’t on the shelf for long each morning – I think they might be tied with the Martin’s Criminal Code for most frequently borrowed items!


Continuing Professional Development

  • Plaintiff’s Personal Injury Law 2010 (LSUC) – Text > KF 1257 .A5 L393 2010b
  • 9th annual Real Estate Law for Law Clerks (LSUC) – Texts > KF 670 .A2 L393 2010
  • Opening Your Law Practice 2010 (LSUC) – Texts > KF 318 .A2 L393 2010
  • Annotated Business Agreements 2010 (LSUC) – Texts > KF 889 .A2 L393 2010b
  • Practice Gems: Drafting and Administering Power of Attorney for Personal Care and Property (LSUC) – Text > KF 1347 .A75 L393 2010
  • Practice Gems: Probate Essentials 2010 (LSUC) – Texts > KF 765 .A75 L393 2010
  • The 12-Minute Civil Litigator 2010 (LSUC) – Texts > KF 8840 .ZB3 L393 2010
  • Employment Issues Arising on the Purchase and Sale of a Business 2010 (LSUC) – Texts > KF 3320 .ZB3 L393 2010
  • Criminal Law and the Charter 2010 (LSUC) Texts > KF 9620 .ZA2 L393 2010b
  • The 6-Minute Debtor-Creditor and Insolvency Lawyer 2010 (LSUC) – Texts > KF 1536 .ZB3 S592 2010
  • Corporate Law for Law Clerks 2010 (LSUC) – Texts > KF 1415 .ZB3 L393 2010b

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