From amongst November’s new titles, there are several we’re excited to highlight in this post. The first is Canada Law Book’s brand new Liquor and Host Liability Law in Canada. The first stand-alone title on this subject (possibly in Canada, and certainly in this library), it’s a great overview of the topic and may likely be of interest to many of you. You’ll find it in our Texts section soon.

Another exciting new addition is an Ontario Bar Association CLE binder on charity and not-for-profit law titled Doing Good, While Avoiding Legal and Liability Problems: A Primer for Lawyers on Advising and Sitting on Non-Profit Boards and Charities. A library client requested this title as an interlibrary loan some time back, and we’ve decided to bring this into our collection permanently. Not only are all of our materials on not-for-profit and charity law quite popular in the library, but as many of you in the community are involved with a wide variety of charities, this might be of personal interest to you if you weren’t able to attend the seminar when it was held in Toronto. It will also be located in the Texts area of our library once it has been fully processed.

In our family law section, we’re re-introducing an old looseleaf for which we suspended our subscription in 2006.  Based on library user feedback, we’ve updated our holdings for Enforcement of Family Law Orders and Agreements.  We hope to now update this title at least once a year.  As a note to our library users: if you find there is an invaluable looseleaf title in our collection that we have stopped updating, please speak to us!  We love to hear what our clients find useful, which areas we could use more resources for, and other suggestions for purchase.

Coming soon to our Reserve section are two new editions that we’re thrilled to have on our shelves. A very popular text on evidence, The Law of Evidence by David Paciocco and Lee Struesser, has recently been released in a revised 5th edition. While the original 5th edition was only published in 2008, decisions from the Supreme Court necessitated a complete re-write of the ninth chapter. Finally, possibly one of the most exciting additions of all, is the new edition of Trotter’s The Law of Bail in Canada. The 2nd edition of this title, published in 1999, continues to be frequently consulted in the library, so we’re pleased to shelve the 3rd edition – now in looseleaf form – in the Reserve area of the library.


The 2010 Annotated Employment Insurance Act (Carswell) Reference KF 3675 C36 Ei 2010
Supreme Court of Canada Practice 2011 (Carswell) Reference KF 8816 .ZA2 C72
Annual Review of Civil Litigation 2010 (Carswell) Reserve KF 8840 .ZA2 A557 2010
The 2011 Annotated Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (Carswell) Reference KF 1536 .ZA2 C36 Bi 2011
The 2011 Annotated Ontario Rules of Criminal Practice (Carswell) Reserve and Reference KF 9620 .ZB3 S43 
Ontario Environmental Legislation, 2010 – 2011 Edition (Canada Law Book) Texts KF 3775 .ZB3 O573 E
Liquor and Host Liability Law in Canada (Canada Law Book)  In Processing
Police Services Act of Ontario: An Annotated Guide (Canada Law Book) Reference KF 5399 O587 2009
The 2011 Annotated Copyright Act (Carswell) Reference KF 2994 C36 C 2011
Canadian Environmental Legislation, 2010 – 2011 Edition (Canada Law Book)  Texts KF 3775 .ZA2 C363 E
The Law of Evidence, Revised 5th Edition (Irwin Law) Reserve KF 8935 .ZA2 P32 2008b
The Law of Bail in Canada, 3rd Edition (Carswell) Reserve KF 9632 T76 2010
Enforcement of Family Law Orders and Agreements: Law and Practice (Carswell) Texts KF 537 W54 1989

Continuing Professional Development

Doing Good, While Avoiding Legal and Liability Problems: A Primer for Lawyers on Advising and Sitting on Non-Profit Boards and Charities (OBA)

10th Annual Civil Litigation for Law Clerks (LSUC)

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