Happy new year, readers!  While we’ve all moved on to 2011, there’s still the matter of our new books from last month to write about.  Last month, we received a great number of new editions of annual titles, as well as many, many continuing professional development materials.  We’re actually a bit swamped with them right now!  We’ll list them below, but you might not see them on our shelves just yet.  If you just can’t wait to get your hands on a copy, however, please stop by the desk – we might have it available for you to peruse before it’s ready to be on the shelves.

Since we have so many titles this month, I’ll proceed with the list without too much preamble.  As always, please let us know if you have any book recommendations for our collection!  Your recommendations are quite invaluable to us, and we love being able to put new titles on the shelf that we know our clients would like to use.


Protection of Privacy in the Canadian Private and Health Sectors 2011 (Carswell)

The 2011 Annotated Divorce Act (Carswell)

Canadian Environmental Legislation, 2010-2011 Edition (Canada Law Book)

Federal Access to Information and Privacy Legislation Annotated 2011 (Carswell)

Consolidated Bank Act and Regulations 2010-2011 (Carswell)

The 2011 Annotated Immigration and Refugee Protection Act of Canada (Carswell)

Document Registration Guide, 12th Edition (CCH)

The 2011 Annotated Ontario Labour Relations Act (Carswell)

The 201 Annotated Ontario Family Law Act (Carswell)

The 2011 Annotated Ontario Landlord and Tenant Statutes (Carswell)

The 2011 Annotated Ontario Children’s Law Reform Act (Carswell)

The 2011 Annotated Competition Act (Carswell)

Taxation of Trusts and Estates – A Practitioner’s Guide 2011 (Carswell)

Department of Finance Technical Notes – Income Tax, 22nd Edition (Carswell)

The 2011 Annotated Indian Act and Aboriginal Constitutional Provisions (Carswell)

The 2011 Annotated Ontario Human Rights Code (Carswell)

The Annotated Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security Act, 10th Edition, 2011 (CCH)

The 2011 Annotated Construction Lien Act (Carswell)

The 2011 Annotated Canada Labour Code (Carswell)

Canadian Immigration and Refugee Law Practice 2011 (LexisNexis)

Continuing Professional Development

Impaired and “Over 80” 2010 (LSUC)

Powerful Pleadings (LSUC)

The Six-Minute Family Law Lawyers 2010 (LSUC)

The Six-Minute Real Estate Lawyer 2010 (LSUC)

Taxation Issues in Real Estate Transactions (LSUC)

Securities Law Update 2010 (LSUC)

Corporate Commercial Law Seminar (Hamilton Law Association)

How to Succeed in the New Era of Discoveries (LSUC)

18th Annual Immigration Law Summit (LSUC)

New Lawyer Practice Series – Real Estate 2010 (LSUC)

Emerging Issues in Health Law (LSUC)

13th Annual Estates and Trusts Summit (LSUC)

Emerging Issues in Real Estate (Hamilton Law Association)

The 24th Annual Joint Insurance Seminar (Ontario Insurance Adjusters Association / Hamilton Law Association)

2 thoughts on “New Titles – December 2010

  1. I note that you have a copy of a 1985 book on public inquiries but you do not have my recent book entitled “The Conduct of Public Inquiries: Law, Policy and Practice”, which is available online from Irwin Law: http://www.IrwinLaw.com . The website describes the content. The book has been favourably reviewed by Paul Cavalluzzo in The Advocates’ Journal and by Egene Meehan in The Litigator. It was #9 on the Hill Times list of top 100 books of 2009. In view of the number of Ottawa lawyers who have been engaged in public inquiries, it may have some local interest.

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