We’ve received an interesting mix of titles these past two months – some annual renewals for legislative titles alongside some new editions of old favourites.  One book of particular interest is the newest edition of Canadian Tort Law by Linden and Feldthusen.  Texts on the law of torts are quite popular in the library, and we hope you’ll find this new edition useful.  In the next month or so, we’ll also be receiving the newest edition of the ever-popular The Law of Torts in Canada by Fridman.  Both will be available in our Reserve collection, so certainly take a look at those.  For those of you practicing employment law, we have a few new titles for you that might be of interest.  Specifically, For Better or for Worse: A Practical Guide to Canadian Employment Law has been released as a new edition – the last edition of this book was in 2003.  Finally – as a sneak peak – we have some great new titles coming in the next month or two in both our criminal and family law areas.  These include some library user requests and brand new publications, so stay tuned for those titles.

We also received a lot of new Continuing Professional Development materials, from our friends at the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Hamilton Law Association, and the Middlesex Law Association.  Amanda, our Library Technician, has been incredibly hard at work getting these titles ready and out onto the shelves, so please give them a look!  We’d like to make a special mention to those in our community who do not use the library in-person (or at all!).  Don’t let having your own library collection or not having to come to the courthouse stop you from giving us a call or email – we’re here to help everyone!  Our CPD materials are a great resource with an astounding amount of variety in content, and are incredibly easy to search and from which to request materials.  Simply search for the title you’re interested in on the Law Society of Upper Canada’s AdvoCat catalogue, open the individual record, and select the “Table of Contents” tab atop the title.  We’d be happy to scan and send an article of interest.


Stikeman Income Tax Act 2011, 49th edition (Carswell)
Legal Handbook for Educators, 6th edition (Carswell)
Martin’s Related Criminal Statutes 2011-2012 (Canada Law Book)
Ontario Planning Legislation 2011 (Canada Law Book)
Law for Canadian Health Care Administrators, 2nd edition (Lexis Nexis)
Ontario Municipal Legislation 2011 (Canada Law Book)
Federal Labour and Employment Legislation 2011 (Canada Law Book)
For Better or for Worse: A Practical Guide to Canadian Employment Law, 3rd edition (Canada Law Book)
Portable Tax Court Practice, Act and Rules 2011 (Carswell)
Real Estate Practice in Ontario, 7th edition (Lexis Nexis)
Ontario Employment Law Handbook, 10th edition (Lexis Nexis)
Canadian Tort Law, 9th edition (Lexis Nexis)
The Conduct of Public Inquiries: Law, Policy and Practice (Irwin Law)

Continuing Professional Development

8th Annual Real Estate Law Summit (LSUC)
15th Annual Intellectual Property Law: The Year in Review (LSUC)
25th Anniversary of the Family Law Act (LSUC)
The Annotated Alter Ego Trust and Discretionary Trust 2011 (LSUC)
The Annotated Employment Agreement 2011 (LSUC) 
The Annotated Power of Attorney for Personal Care 2011 (LSUC) 
Case Conferences and Motions in Family Law (LSUC)
Commercial Priorities for Real Estate and Business Lawyers 2011 (LSUC) 
The Complete Guide to Wiretaps (LSUC)
Emerging Issues in Directors’ and Officers’ Liability 2011 (LSUC)
Emerging Issues in Health Law (LSUC)
Entertainment & Media Law Symposium 2011: Convergence 3.0 : It’s Here and It’s Happening (LSUC)
How to Succeed in the New Era of Discoveries (LSUC)
Impaired and “Over 80” 2010 (LSUC)
Mastering the Art of Complex Civil Motions (LSUC)
New Lawyer Practice Series: Family Law 2011 (LSUC)
New Lawyer Practice Series: Real Estate Law 2011 (LSUC)
New Lawyer Practice Series: Wills and Estates Law 2011 (LSUC) 
Personal Injury for Law Clerks: Recent Changes that You Need to Know About (LSUC)
Practice Gems: Construction Lien Essentials 2011 (LSUC)
Practice Gems: The Essentials of Creditors’ Remedies (LSUC)
Securities Law Update 2010 (LSUC) 
The Six-Minute Administrative Lawyer 2011 (LSUC) 
The Six-Minute Commercial Leasing Lawyer 2011 (LSUC) 
The Six-Minute Criminal Defence Lawyer 2011 (LSUC) 
The Six-Minute Estates Lawyer 2011 (LSUC) 
The Six-Minute Family Law Lawyer 2010 (LSUC) 
The 6th Annual Straight From the Bench: Litigation Conference (Middlesex Law Association) 
The 5th Annual Wills, Estates & Trusts Conference (Middlesex Law Association / Ontario Bar Association) 
New Developments in Personal Injury Law 2010 (Middlesex Law Association) 
2nd Annual Real Estate Seminar (Middlesex Law Association)

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