This week, registrants for the Civil Litigation conference will be emailed a link to where they can download conference papers from our online system. If you are wondering how or if these papers can be loaded onto an iPad, the CCLA Library is here to help!

Join us on Wednesday, November 9th at 4:00 PM in the library for a short session to get you ready for the conference.

Please RSVP (or send any questions) to Jennifer Walker at

You’ll need to bring:
1.  Your iPad
2.  The email address that was used to register you for the conference
3.  The registration number you received in an email to that email address once your payment was received
4.  Your Apple ID name and password (for downloading the App to read PDFs)

It’s important to have all of these with you for the session – you will not be able to download anything without them.

1.  You’ll have an application that can read and store PDFs installed on your iPad (if you don’t have one already)
2.  All your conference papers for the Civil Litigation conference will be saved on your iPad
3.  You’ll know how to retrieve the papers later, when you need them at the Montebello

Some other information on apps:
There are many applications that can read PDFs, both paid and free, available from the App Store.  Feel free to download whichever app you would like.  During the session, we will be going through the process of downloading an app if there isn’t already one on your iPad.  I’ll walk you through both the paid and free apps, though you only need to download one.  We will be selecting “DocAS Lite” for a free option, and “GoodReader” as a paid option (the current cost is $4.99).  If you want to follow along with the session directly, please go ahead and download one of these apps before the session.  You can find them by searching for those exact names in the App Store.  Alternatively, I’ll show a bit of each program before I download them, so if you’d like to see the program in action, you can wait until we’ve looked at both and then download the program you prefer.  As always, if you choose a paid app, you must either have a credit balance on your Apple store account (from an Apple gift card), or have a credit card attached to the account for billing.


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