Keeping on top of recently published cases can be a challenge, especially if you’re just looking for cases from Ottawa.  To help, we’re starting a new feature here on the blog.  Twice monthly, we will post a list of some of the newly released cases from Ottawa that you can view free of charge and from anywhere through  Of course, we will include a link to the case from these posts, so you can easily click through and read the decision.   We hope you enjoy this feature!

Family Matters

Shaw v. Shaw (2012 ONSC 590)
matrimonial home—wrist—pain—evidence—battery
Justice J. Blishen


Brière v. Saint-Pierre (2012 ONSC 421)
lump sum spousal support—arrears—pension—transferred—periodic
Justice R. Beaudoin

Inosante v. Brooks (2012 ONSC 150)
Justice J. McNamara

Caparelli v. Caparelli (2012 ONSC 2324)
income—spousal support—father—access—alienation
Justice J. Mackinnon

Civil Matters

Kular v. Ecosol Solar Technologies Inc. (2012 ONSC 2674)
Justice R. Beaudoin

Code Inc. v. Indepedent High Electoral Commission (2012 ONSC 2208)
video conferencing—affiants—motion—cross-examinations—travel
Master P. Roger

Paul Daoust Construction & Associates Ltd. v. Caisse populaire Trillium Inc. (2012 ONSC 2709)
Justice M. Métivier

C.C.C. No. 396 v. Claude-Alain Burdet et al (2012 ONSC 1724)
Master P. Roger

Stewart v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company (2012 ONSC 2615)
catastrophic impairment—motion—insured person—evidence—full appreciation
Justice J. Blishen

Connerty v. Coles (2012 ONSC 2322)
long-term disability benefits—collective agreement—behalf of all other members—union—local
Justice R. Maranger

Connerty v. Coles (2012 ONSC 2787)
long-term disability benefits—duty—behalf of all other members—full appreciation—lawyer
Justice R. Maranger

Friend v. Watters (2012 ONSC 435)
epidural catheter—infection—abscess—anaesthetists—risks
Justice G. Toscano Roccamo

Lobo v. Carleton University (2012 ONSC 254)
amended pleading—government—universities—duty of care—negligence
Justice G. Toscano Roccamo

Cana International Distributing Inc. v. Standard Innovation Corporation (2012 ONSC 53)
agreement—we-vibe device—stores—application for an interlocutory injunction—initial three-year term
Regional Senior Justice C. Hackland

Assaly v. Assaly (2012 ONSC 2335)
indemnity basis—confidential information—minor—motion—solicitor-client privilege
Justice R. Beaudoin


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