If you will be taking on any articling students this summer, mark August 17th, 2012 in your calendar! The CCLA Library is presenting a half-day session on legal research, geared exclusively to new articling students.  We’ve adopted the name HeadStart from the excellent, long-running program of the same name in Edmonton!*  Our program will cover the research tools students have available at no cost (either through our Library or online) that will be vital to the research they are now performing in the “real world.”

The cost of the session will be $25.00, and will also include your student’s CCLA Membership for the articling term (which gives members 24/7 access to our library, among other great perks).  Seating will be limited, so don’t delay in registering your student with us!  If you’d like us to add your student to the RSVP list, please send us an email.

Much more information will be coming, so watch for details over the next few months!

Additional Info:

–  The session will conclude in time for a free Articling Student luncheon, also to be held at the CCLA. If your student won’t be able to make the session, they are still invited to lunch – we’d love to meet them!

–  We will still be providing library tours for students over the summer.  Stay tuned for future emails on available tour times.


*Many thanks to Shaunna Mireau for kindly letting us use the HeadStart name!

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