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Family Matters

The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa v. C. (C.) (2012 ONSC 2804)
Justice C. McKinnon

Vezina v. Timpano (2012 ONSC 3493)
telephone access—contempt—father—baseball—willfully
Justice R. Smith

Civil Matters

Smith v. Kearns (2012 ONSC 1355)
garage—southerly limit—previously enclosed by the fence—portion of the right-of-way—halves
Justice R. Beaudoin

Castonguay Construction (2000) Ltd. v. Commonwealth Plywood Co. Ltd. (2012 ONSC 3487)
doctrine of privity—coverage—liability—contract—workmanship
Justice G. Toscano Roccamo

Gardner v. Canada (Attorney General) (2012 ONSC 3362)
costs—motion for summary—reasonably expect to pay—indemnity—prosecution
Justice R. Smith

St. Lewis v. Rancourt (2012 ONSC 3309)
Justice R. Smith

St. Lewis v. Rancourt (2012 ONSC 3320)
costs—abuse of process—unsuccessful party would reasonably expect—indemnity basis—cross-examinations on affidavits
Justice R. Smith

Deslaurier v. Le Groupe Brigil (2012 ONSC 3350)
perfected—liens—lien claimant—expired—sheltering
Master C. MacLeod

Ottawa (City) v Cole & Associates Architects Inc (2012 ONSC 3360)
Master C. MacLeod


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