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Family Matters

KAV v BFT (2012 ONSC 4095)
access—finding of contempt—child was playing baseball—late—costs
Justice R. Smith

Thompson v. Gilchrist (2012 ONSC 4137)
spousal support—net disposable income—child support—job—intentionally under-employed
Justice T. Minnema

Civil Matters

Lamarche v. Ing Insurance Company of Canada (2012 ONSC 4111)
Master C. MacLeod

Splinter v. Villeneuve et al (2012 ONSC 4150)
factors—desirable in the interest—bringing such a motion—neutral—circumstances
Master P. Roger

Criminal Matters

R. v. Floyd (2012 ONCJ 417)
information—warrant—hydro—multi-unit residential building—grow
Justice D. Paciocco

R. v. Edwards (2012 ONCJ 422)
marijuana—grow operation—evidence—vegetal—beyond a reasonable doubt
Justice D. Paciocco

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