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Family Matters

Grossman v. Wall (2012 ONSC 4986)
offer—spousal support—costs—bettered—disclosure
Justice T. Ray

Sochin v. Tabatchnik (2012 ONSC 4973)
assaultive behaviour—evidence—genuine issue requiring—affidavit—separation
Justice T. Ray

Hall v. He (2012 ONSC 4682)
Justice M. Linhares de Sousa

Civil Matters

Guergis v. Novak et al (2012 ONSC 4579)
parliamentary privilege—caucus—prerogative—conspiracy—defamation
Regional Senior Justice C. Hackland

Chaudhary v. Kabir (2012 ONSC 4985)
motion—substantial indemnity costs—merit—commendable—spent
Justice T. Ray

Potvin v. Desjardins Financial Security (2012 ONSC 4945)
insurance begins at the moment—contract—loan—secured by a mortgage—coverage
Justice P. Kane

Kassian Estate v. Canada (Attorney General) (2012 ONSC 4951)
policing—pursuit—vicarious liability—audit—duty of care
Justice M. Métivier

NLG 2011 Inc. v. Central 1 Credit Union (2012 ONSC 4944)
Justice T. Ray

Criminal Matters

R. v. Boivin (2012 CanLII 48842)
judicial pre-trial—prejudice—institutional delay—evidence—illness
Justice J. McNamara

R. v. Rowe (2012 ONSC 4936)
voluntariness—concussion—unsupported by the evidence—findings—operating
Justice J. McNamara

Sher v. The Queen (2012 ONSC 4783)
direct indictment—request a preliminary inquiry—prosecutorial discretion—jury—provincial
Justice D. Rutherford


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