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Family Matters

Siciliano v. Siciliano (2012 ONSC 5276)
sub-rules—costs—earns—partial indemnity basis—child
Justice T. Minnema

McKim v. Massar (2012 ONSC 5257)
spousal support—varied to read—calculations—child support—tumor
Justice T. Minnema

Benson v. Benson (2012 ONSC 5067)
spousal support—equalization—pension—coverage—vis-à-vis
Justice J. McNamara

Thompson v. Gilchrist (2012 ONSC 5154)
costs—sub-rule—conferences—full recovery—inclusive of disbursements
Justice T. Minnema

Civil Matters

Mansfield v. Ottawa (2012 ONSC 5208)
Master C. MacLeod

Connerty and Coles et al (2012 ONSC 5218)
solicitor—motion—expert evidence—long-term disability—best foot forward
Regional Senior Justice C. Hackland

Kandolo v. Kabelu (2012 ONSC 4420)
non-share capital corporation—resignation—members—effective—meeting
Justice R. Smith

Asphalt Plant Supply Inc. v. Aecon et al (2012 ONSC 4977)
security for costs—referee—amount—motion—reciprocating
Master P. Roger

Wymor Construction Inc. v. Gray (2012 ONSC 5022)
tort of conversion—cheques—account—motion for summary—deposited
Justice C. Aitken

St. Lewis v. Rancourt (2012 ONSC 5053)
champerty motion—irrelevant—libel—blog—legal fees
Justice R. Smith

R. v. Rundle (Nec Plus Ultra) (2012 ONSC 5185)
test—tests—irreparable harm—prepare her students—copyright
Justice R. Smith

Criminal Matters

R. v. Poitras (2012 ONSC 5147)
faint hope clause—parole—jury—initial judicial screening—aboriginal
Justice D. Rutherford

R. v. Krantz (2009 CanLII 72051)
records—military police—instructors—defence—disclosure
Regional Senior Justice C. Hackland

R. v. Orlik (2012 ONSC 5062)
daughter—fear—evidence—dead rabbit—reopening
Justice P. Annis

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