Recently Published Ottawa Decisions

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Family Matters

Otari v. Otari (2012 ONSC 4968)
father—access to the child—allegations—care—information
Justice P. Annis

Lavigne v. Maule (2012 ONSC 5442)
income—child support—impute—payor—interim
Justice T. Minnema

Robertson v. Quinn (2012 ONSC 5252)
settlement conference—motion—disclosure—questioning—sittings
Justice T. Minnema

Sochin v. Tabatchnik (2012 ONSC 5503)
inclusive of disbursements—summary judgement motions—motion for interim support—costs in the amount—ordered to pay
Justice T. Ray

Civil Matters

Gulick v. Ottawa Police Service (2012 ONSC 5536)
alcohol—post traumatic stress disorder—evidence—taser—temper
Justices G. Valin, M. Métivier, D. Aston

Bale-Eze Industries Inc. v. Mascharka (2012 ONSC 5505)
Justice T. Ray

Descartes v. Trademerit (2012 ONSC 5283)
hard drive—backup files—forensic analysis—documents—laptop
Master C. MacLeod

Elbakhiet v. Palmer (2012 ONSC 2529)
tests—testing—post-concussive syndrome—normative—test
Justice G. Toscano Roccamo

Johnson v. Helo Enterprises Inc. (2012 ONSC 5186)
sonar device—copied—engineering files—design—copying
Justice R. Smith

Glenview Iron v. Smiths Falls (Corporation) (2012 ONSC 5378)
bid—lowest bidder—waste—contract—recycling
Regional Senior Justice C. Hackland

Criminal Matters

R v CA (2012 ONCJ 587)
mom—sentence—risk to re-offend—abuse inflicted—remorse
Justice D. Nicholas

R. v. Bray (2012 ONSC 5458)
crack cocaine—van—drug—seized—purchase
Justice T. Ray

R. v. Harrington (2012 ONSC 5363)
offender—sentence—driving causing bodily harm—probation—drinking
Justice G. Toscano Roccamo

R. v. K.R.G., (2012 ONSC 5275)
pyjamas—told—air mattress—sexual—something
Justice J. Parfett

R. v. K.R.G. (2012 ONSC 5159)
carjacking—attempted suicide—post-offence conduct—homicide—sexual assaults
Justice J. Parfett



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