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Family Matters

Robertson v. Quinn (2012 ONSC 5797)
costs—bad faith—line of credit—settlement—income
Justice J. Mackinnon

Button v. Konieczny (2012 ONSC 5613)
status quo—father—daycare—child s best interests—parenting
Justice T. Minnema

Civil Matters

Canaccord Capital Corporation v. Roscoe (2012 ONSC 5714)
indemnity—contribution—limitation period—wrongdoer—damages
Justice H. Polowin

Landriault v. Ontario (Ministère Des Richesses Naturelles) (2012 ONSC 5732)
trail—cottage owners—road—land-use permit—outpost
Justice R. Maranger

Thomas Theodore Assaly, Conor Assaly, a minor, Hunter Assaly, a minor, Carson Assaly, a minor, Maximiliam Assaly, a minor, Chloe Assaly, a minor, Angeli Assaly, a minor, and Chad Assaly, a minor, by their Litigation Guardian Karen Assaly v. Gloria Assaly and Robert Assaly, in his capacity as Estate Trustee of The Estate of Thomas C. Assaly (2012 ONSC 5859)
minor—motion—conflict of interest—solicitor-client relationship—costs
Justice R. Leroy

Développements Limoges Inc. v. Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (2012 ONSC 5816)
mechanical amusement devices—machinery—amusement rides—equipment—foundations
Justice P. Annis

Clement v. A.G. of Canada and Mark Gallant (2012 ONSC 5823)
bankrupt—nunc pro tunc—trustee—property—motion
Justice J. Mackinnon

Veillette v. Piazza (2012 ONSC 5414)
Justice P. Kane

Thelma Gravelle v. City of Ottawa (2012 ONSC 5665)
Master P. Roger

Deslaurier v. Le Groupe Brigil (2012 ONSC 5490)
costs—lien claimants—partial indemnity—offer—motions
Master C. MacLeod

Abraham v. Ben Hassan (2012 ONSC 5672)
Justice T. Minnema

Criminal Matters

R. v. Gallinger (2012 ONCJ 600)
Justice H. Perkins-McVey


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