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Family Matters

Razavi v. Ghiasian (2013 ONSC 261)
disclosure—contempt motion—costs—spouse—adjourned
Justice J. Mackinnon

Wang v. Song (2013 ONSC 42)
matrimonial home — spousal support — marriage — separation — net family property
Regional Senior Justice C. Hackland

Slaughter v. Slaughter (2012 ONSC 7285)
mentally competent — resisting — home — partition — instructions
Justice R. Maranger

Risto v. Marcelais (2012 ONSC 7234)
underreporting—non-dissipation of assets—spousal—accounting—income
Justice R. Maranger

Freedman v. Freedman (2012 ONSC 7286)
Justice R. Maranger

Phillips v. Hassan (2013 ONSC 189)
Justice M. Linhares de Sousa

Tesfatsion v. Berhane (2013 ONSC 75)
valuation date—children—family—separation—cohabitation
Justice J. Blishen

Doyle v. Doyle (2013 ONSC 100)
costs—motion—partial recovery basis—net—amount
Justice J. Mackinnon

Civil Matters

Whiteside v. Celestica International Inc. (2013 ONSC 323)
project—team—design—attributable exclusively to the provision—feasibility study
Justice P. Lalonde

Hannah Heating & Cooling v. Evans (2013 ONSC 517)
defence—motion—setting aside—substituted service
Master C. MacLeod

Multicover Solution Inc. v Aecon Construction Group Inc. (2013 ONSC 455)
security for costs—impecuniosity—back-charges—days before the day scheduled—subcontractors
Master P. Roger

St. Lewis v. Rancourt (2013 ONSC 49)
reasonable apprehension of bias—motion—leave—refusals—interlocutory
Justice P. Annis

St. Lewis v. Rancourt (2013 ONSC 91)
motion—costs—partial indemnity—refusals—intervenor status
Justice R. Smith

St. Lewis v. Rancourt (2013 ONSC 472)
motions—reasonable apprehension of bias—costs—leave—refusals motion
Justice P. Annis

Lukic v. Zaban (2013 ONSC 93)
costs — interim — venue motion — estate — relief
Master C. MacLeod

Johnson v. Helo Enterprises Inc. (2013 ONSC 110)
set aside the injunction — costs on a partial indemnity — ex parte — motion to set aside — devices
Justice R. Smith

Du Manoir and DuManoir Motors Incorporated et al. (2013 ONSC 114)
undertakings—motion for summary—oral discovery—follow up questions—refusals
Master P. Roger

Criminal Matters

R. v. Ndalo (2012 ONSC 6352)
apartment—crack cocaine—cannabis marijuana—unknown—male
Justice P. Lalonde

R. v. Saikaley (2012 ONSC 6794)
search—cell phone—border—customs—privacy
Justice P. Lalonde

R. v. Holmes (2013 ONSC 302)
sentence — firearm — credit — alcohol — pre-sentence custody
Justice J. Parfett

R. v. Slykhuis (2013 ONSC 134)
alcohol—operate a motor vehicle—evidence—appellate—sentence
Justice J. McMunagle

R. v. Derochie (2013 ONSC 262)
post-offence conduct—males—evidence—assault—eyewitnesses
Justice M. Linhares de Sousa

R. v. Mutoni (2012 ONSC 7316)
Justice T. Ray


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