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Recently Published Ottawa Decisions

Find below recently published Ottawa decisions, available through

Family Matters

GB v SA (2013 ONSC 2147)
assessor — best interests of the children — recommendations — report — parenting
Justice K. Swinton (Divisional Court)

Lisa Kathleen Cyr v. John André Cyr (2013 ONSC 2868)
motion to vary — re-imbursement — tuition fees — child support payable — application
Justice M. Charbonneau

Labranche v. Fournier (2013 ONSC 2786)
offers to settle — costs — motion — parenting — litigants
Justice M. Linhares de Sousa

Cork v. Cork (2013 ONSC 2788)
spousal support — income — husband — wife — amount
Justice M. Métivier

Zarepour v. Jamshidi (2013 ONSC 2952)
questioning — financial disclosure — motion — adjournment — assets
Justice L. Ratushny

Matte v. McClean (2013 ONSC 2233)
motion — costs — spousal support — successful — partition
Justice S. Kershman

Williams v. Lamoureux (2013 ONSC 2830)
costs — asks — incurred in relation — awarded — apportion
Justice R. Beaudoin

Civil Matters

Leone v. Scaffidi (2013 ONSC 2847)
costs — motion — retaining — experts — indemnity
Justice L. Ratushny

Allen-Vanguard v. L’Abbé et al (2013 ONSC 2950)
amendment — shareholders — fraud — escrow — offeree
Regional Senior Justice C. Hackland

A.G.C. v. Madeleine Rundle c.o.b. NEC Plus Ultra (2013 ONSC 2747)
copyright — tests — test — students — official
Justice R. Beaudoin

Moore v. Assaly (2013 ONSC 2713)
aka — volumes — scheduled — formerly — amended
Justice P. Kane

Ducharme v. Solarium de Paris Inc. (2013 ONSC 2540)
solarium — solariums in the class — snow load — additional common — class members
Justice R. Smith

Grady v. Ontario (Community Safety and Correctional Services) (2013 ONSC 2568)
costs — spent — partial indemnity — motion — losing
Justice J. McNamara

Bankruptcy of CAF + (2013 ONSC 2749)
mortgage — interest — payment — trustee — mortgagor
Master C. Macleod

Humanics Universal Inc. v. Ottawa (City) (2013 ONSC 2846)
setback — meter access allowance — slope — draft — motion
Justice S. O’Neill (Divisional Court)

Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada v. Communications, Energy and Paperworkers’ Union of Canada, Local 3011 (2013 ONSC 2725)
arbitrator — sexual harassment — grievor — penalty — cleaner
Justices H. Sachs, S. O’Neill, B. Thomas (Divisional Court)

R.N.D. v. Mulroney (2013 ONSC 2748)
quantum meruit — project — budget — demolition — cost
Justice J. McNamara (Divisional Court)

Thomas Fuller Construction Co. Limited v. Labourers’ International Union of North America (2013 ONSC 2627)
bargaining unit — membership card — union — employer — construction industry
Justice K. Whitaker (Divisional Court)

Criminal Matters

R. v. Saikaley (2013 ONSC 2699)
cocaine — counts — purpose of trafficking — sentence — offences
Justice P. Lalonde

R. v. Gebrekirstos (2013 ONCJ 265)
occurrence reports — disclosure — regime — police — relevance
Justice D. Paciocco


Library Tours

We are always happy for this time of year when we welcome new students to the CCLA Library! We would love to invite any interested to schedule tours of the library. These tours are a great opportunity to meet library staff and learn about library resources, training opportunities, and services which may support and assist you in your practice. We also encourage any and all to sign up for the CCLA Newsletter to begin learning about news, events, and opportunities in the East Region.

Tours will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 AM and 2:30 PM. Please contact Brenda Lauritzen, the CCLA Library’s Reference Librarian, at or 613-233-7386 x222 to schedule a tour. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Save the Date for HeadStart Ottawa: Legal Research for Articling Students!

If you will be taking on any articling students this summer, mark August 16th, 2013 in your calendar! The CCLA Library is presenting a half-day session on legal research, designed exclusively for new articling students. We first held HeadStart Ottawa last year, based on long-running program of the same name in Edmonton. Our program covers the research tools students have available (either through our Library or online) that will be vital to the research they will take on during their articling year.

The cost of the session will be $25.00, and will also include your student’s CCLA Membership for the articling term (which gives members 24/7 access to our library, among other great perks). Seating will be limited, so don’t delay in registering your student with us! If you’d like us to add your student to the RSVP list, please send us an email.

Also back this year will be our free Articling Student Luncheon. This luncheon will take place after HeadStart, and will be held in the CCLA Library. If your student won’t be able to make the session, they are still invited to lunch – we’d love to meet them!

Much more information will be coming, so watch for details over the next few months!


Recently Published Ottawa Decisions

Find below recently published Ottawa decisions, available through

Family Matters

Zattolo v. Zattolo (2013 ONSC 2642)
birthday — will have the child — can — coverage — civilly
Justice S. Kershman

Williams v. Lamoureux (2013 ONSC 2606)
costs — children — behaviour — girls — bad faith
Justice R. Beaudoin

Heasley v. Labelle (2013 ONSC 2601)
examination for discovery — co-party — excluded — risk of tailoring — co-plaintiffs
Justice R. Smith

Taylor v. Wright-Taylor (2013 ONSC 2578)
complexity — costs — daughter — bond — father
Justice R. Smith

B. v. B. (2013 ONSC 2162)
counselling — parent — father — child — access
Justice P. Kane

Desjardins v. Desjardins (2013 ONSC 2283)
daycare — child — parenting — matrimonial home — morning drop-off at school
Justice J. Blishen

Ascani v. Robert (2013 ONSC 2579)
costs — father — motion — legal — unreasonable
Justice R. Smith

Civil Matters

Envoy Relocation Services Inc. v. Canada (Attorney General) (2013 ONSC 2622)
prejudgment interest — costs — indemnity — pre-litigation conduct — damages
Justice P. Annis

Ottawa (City) v. Lauzon (2013 ONSC 2619)
building — heritage — demolition permit — unsafe — report
Justice R. Smith

Canadian Bank Note v. Leblanc (2013 ONSC 2435)
confidential information — email — injunction — trade secrets — data
Justice J. McNamara

Boily v. Carleton Condominum corporation 145 (2013 ONSC 2352)
contempt — substantial indemnity — podium — courtyard — condominium
Justice R. Beaudoin

L’Abbé v. Allen-vanguard (2013 ONSC 2526)
quarell — costs of the motion — junior — presumption — terms
Master C. Macleod

Faridani v. Stubbert (2013 ONSC 2356)
costs — partial indemnity scale — pleading amendment motion — contested — battery
Master C. Macleod

Pammett v. McBride Corp. (2013 ONSC 2382)
occupier — premises — amend its statement of defence — walkway area — leased
Justice R. Smith

Ledcor Construction Ltd v Attorney-General of Canada (2013 ONSC 2407)
subtrades — subcontractors — general contractor — delay — owner
Justice J. Parfett

Stevens and O’Connell et al (2013 ONSC 2236)
timetable — undertakings — motion — provided — prejudice
Master P. Roger

Grady v. Ontario (Community Safety and Correctional Services) (2013 ONSC 2143)
notice — particulars — investigate — litigation — indentify
Justice J. McNamara

Criminal Matters

R. v. McGuffie (2013 ONSC 2097)
gun — cruiser — strip search — group — male
Justice T. Ray