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Civil Matters

OZ Optics Limited v. Timbercon, Inc. (2013 ONSC 6439)
release — settlement — costs — dismissal — agreement reached
Justice J. McNamara

Davies v. Hodgins (2013 ONSC 6444)
conference — discussions — dismissal — abuse — re-litigate
Justice J. McNamara

Pineau and Merovitz Potechin LLP (2013 ONSC 6490)
timetable — affidavit — motions — expert report — adjourned
Master C. MacLeod

Gray v. Guerard (2013 ONSC 6200)
driveway — hedge marked the boundary line — grandfather — grass on the disputed property — maintained
Justice B. Abrams

Lageveen v. De Haas (2013 ONSC 5921)
substantial indemnity costs — offer to settle — fraud — theory of the case evolved — solicitor-and-client
Justice H. Polowin

National Farmers Union – Ontario v. Ontario (Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Appeal Tribunal) (2013 ONSC 6452)
accreditation — organization — farm — farmers in the province — criteria
Justice R. Beaudoin


Also: did you heard that CanLII recently had an upload of approximately 15,000 Ontario cases, courtesy of the Law Society of Upper Canada? Read more about that here!


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