One of our favorite online resources is HeinOnline. What exactly is in HeinOnline? It’s an online access point for lots of great legal research materials. Here are just a few of the things that are contained in our subscription that we’ve used when carrying out research for our library clients:

  • Legal and law-related journals – over 2,000 of them!
  • The English Reports (which has reprints of English cases dating from 1220 to 1867)
  • The Revised Statutes of Canada, all sets (good for legislative research)
  • A wide range of American legislation

The really great news is that access to Hein is available to all Law Society members through a subscription worked out by the Law Society of Upper Canada. You can search, read, and download all without paying an additional cent. If you’d like the username and password for Hein, let us know and we can give it to you. It changes roughly twice a year, and did just last week, so you might need to update your information! Keep our email address ( handy!

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