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Recently Published Ottawa Decisions

Find below recently published Ottawa decisions, available for free through

Family Matters

Philippe v Bertrand (2015 ONSC 2449)
versus — income — spousal support payable — offer — deductions
Justice P. Kane

Hillier v Green (2015 ONSC 3071)
child support — full-time employment — set-off amount — income — retroactive
Justice A. Doyle

Kadolph v Kadolph (2015 ONSC 3047)
leave — importance — correctness — granted — open to very serious debate
Justice P. Smith

Vallier v Meester (2015 ONSC 3292)
self-represented — costs — factored — proportionality — enrichment
Justice J. Mackinnon

Civil Matters

Boudreau v Loba (2015 ONSC 3267)
partial indemnity — motion — costs — time — articling student
Master C. MacLeod

Campbell Pools Inc. v The Seville Group Inc. (2015 ONSC 2314)
property — acres — acre parcel — barn — severance
Justice R. Beaudoin

Robinson v Lepage (2015 ONSC 3128)
reasonable apprehension of bias — donation — website — paralegal — perception
Justice P. Smith

Criminal Matters

R. v Denis (2015 ONSC 3179)
mental illnesses — offender — disorder — sentence — manslaughter
Justice R. Smith

R. v. Fitts (2015 ONCJ 262)
disclosure — information — simulator — evidence — machine
Justice D. Paciocco

Court of Appeal Decisions of Local Interest

R. v. Huh (2015 ONCA 356)
sentencing — conditional discharge — incarceration — offender — sentence
Justices E. Gillese, M. Tulloch, and P. Lauwers

R. v. Buoc (2015 ONCA 341)
firearm — cocaine — officer — acted in good faith — uncovered
Justices R. Juriansz, P. Rouleau, and C. W. Hourigan

From Your Library: New Release – “Examinations in Civil Trials”

If you’re an articling student or new lawyer, this is for you! Irwin Law (the publisher of “those burgundy text books”) has a series of books aimed specifically at those who are new to the profession. The latest in this series – which is authored by Ottawa lawyer John Hollander – was published just last month and is called Examinations in Civil Trials: The Formula for Success. You can find this, along with the other books in this series, in our library (this book specifically is at KF 8950 H64 2015).

Recently Published Ottawa Decisions

Find below recently published Ottawa decisions, available for free through

Family Matters

MacDonell v MacDonell (2015 ONSC 2856)
motions — costs — litigants — children — unreasonably
Justice R. Laliberté

Civil Matters

O’Brien v Blue Heron Co-Operative Homes Inc. (2015 ONSC 2929)
co-operative — by-laws — appoint an inspector to investigate — evictions — rental arrears
Justice D. Rutherford

El‑Khodr v Lackie (2015 ONSC 2824)
coverage — medication — future — collateral benefits — assignable
Justice G. Toscano Roccamo

Criminal Matters

R. v Dell (2015 ONSC 1570)
faint hope — punishment — parole ineligibility — screening — retrospective
Justice R. Maranger

Court of Appeal Decisions of Local Interest

R. v. Munkonda (2015 ONCA 309)
bilingual — preliminary inquiry — official languages — anglophone — violations
Justices R. Sharpe, P. Rouleau, and G. Pardu

Library Tours for Summer Students

We are always excited to welcome new students to the CCLA Library! In anticipation of the influx of new summer and articling students we have scheduled some tours for the end of May and beginning of June.

These tours are a great opportunity to meet library staff and learn about library resources, training opportunities, and legal services which may support and assist you in your practice. We also encourage any and all to sign up for the CCLA Newsletter to begin learning about news, events, and opportunities in the East Region.

Tours will be held beginning May 12 on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 AM, and usually take between 15 to 20 minutes. Please email or call 613-233-7386 x221 to schedule a tour.

From Your Library: Quicklaw Forms and Precedents

This week we’d like to highlight the “Forms” section on Quicklaw. If you have a Quicklaw subscription in your office, take a look and see if you have these in your subscription. We have them in the library through our LibraryCo Quicklaw subscription, so you can always find them here.

The quickest way to access these forms and precedents is through the Forms tab. You can see in this image where it is located from the Quicklaw homescreen.


Here’s what you need to know about these forms:

  • They are available with these different practice areas in mind
    • Banking and Finance
    • Commercial Tenancies
    • Commercial Transactions
    • Corporations
    • Debtor/Creditor
    • Employment
    • Information Technology
    • Intellectual Property
    • Land Development
    • Licensing
    • Municipal Law
    • Gold’s Criminal Precedents
    • Sale and Operation of a Business
    • Sale, Distribution, and Transport of Goods
    • Solicitors Forms
    • Wills and Estates
  • You can download them as Word documents (which means you can modify them without having to re-type)
  • There are also some handy checklists available in each section too

If you don’t have an O’Brien’s subscription in your office or you want to try out another precedents collection, we definitely suggest looking at the collection in Quicklaw. If you need any assistance with this product, as always, let us know!