This week we’d like to highlight the “Forms” section on Quicklaw. If you have a Quicklaw subscription in your office, take a look and see if you have these in your subscription. We have them in the library through our LibraryCo Quicklaw subscription, so you can always find them here.

The quickest way to access these forms and precedents is through the Forms tab. You can see in this image where it is located from the Quicklaw homescreen.


Here’s what you need to know about these forms:

  • They are available with these different practice areas in mind
    • Banking and Finance
    • Commercial Tenancies
    • Commercial Transactions
    • Corporations
    • Debtor/Creditor
    • Employment
    • Information Technology
    • Intellectual Property
    • Land Development
    • Licensing
    • Municipal Law
    • Gold’s Criminal Precedents
    • Sale and Operation of a Business
    • Sale, Distribution, and Transport of Goods
    • Solicitors Forms
    • Wills and Estates
  • You can download them as Word documents (which means you can modify them without having to re-type)
  • There are also some handy checklists available in each section too

If you don’t have an O’Brien’s subscription in your office or you want to try out another precedents collection, we definitely suggest looking at the collection in Quicklaw. If you need any assistance with this product, as always, let us know!

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