As part of our subscription to WestlawNext, we also have the FamilySource product. This add-on makes up a separate area within Westlaw where materials specifically of interest to family law practitioners are kept, easy to find and use in your research.

When you access WestlawNext from the library computers, the portal to FamilySource is on the right hand side (see below). Clicking on the words “FamilySource” will take you to main page, which includes links to online versions of several popular looseleaf titles (that you can search, print out, or email from). This is also where you can find the Epstein “This Week in Family Law” newsletter, and you can even start a case law search within just family law cases.


As with all of our electronic products, there is no end cost to you when you use this product in the CCLA Library. The CCLA Library staff have been finding FamilySource to be quite useful when researching, so we encourage you to take a look the next time you’re using Westlaw at our library.


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