Criminal lawyers – this is for you! We here at the library are very excited to announce that our library subscription to Westlaw now includes the CriminalSource package.



Loads of looseleaf titles that you’ve come to rely on over the years are now easily searchable and printable from any of the seven computers in the library, as well as numerous newsletters, journals, and other goodies. Here’s a sample of some of the contents:

  • Ewaschuk’s Criminal Pleadings & Practice in Canada
  • McWilliams’ Canadian Criminal Evidence
  • Gibson’s Canadian Criminal Code Offences
  • Mack’s Criminal Law Bulletin
  • Criminal Law Quarterly
  • Nadin-Davis: Canadian Sentencing Digest

And so much more. Also included in the subscription are PDF scans of cases from the original law reporters. We get requests for those quite often, so this will be an enormous time-saver for you when you’re getting ready for court.

To help get you going with this product, we will be hosting a training session on Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 12:00 PM in the CCLA Library. Our local Westlaw trainer will show you how to use CriminalSource quickly and efficiently. There is no charge for this session, and it is eligible for one hour of substantive CPD for 2016. So we know how many people to expect, and as space is limited, please click here to RSVP. Also: we’ve been told the Criminal Bar likes pizza. There will be pizza.

Come in, check out the new product, and let us know how you like it!

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