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Finding a copy of a collective agreement in Ontario is now easier than ever before! All collective agreements in Ontario are now available online through the Ministry of Labour’s Collective Agreements e-Library Portal. They are searchable by full text and also categorized by industry type. Collective agreements are available as downloadable pdf documents. A full list of all employer and union relationships in the province is also available through the Portal.

For further questions, contact Collective Bargaining Information Services:

Here are some other frequently difficult to find labour resources:

Ontario Union Bargaining Certificates: Use the OLRB certificates database, a collection of certificates from 2007 to date. For older certificates from 1962 contact the Ontario Workplace Tribunals Library 416-314-3700 or They will email .pdf copies free of charge.

Ontario Labour Arbitration Decisions: For unreported decisions contact the Ministry of Labour Arbitration Services at 416- 326-1300 or (CCLA Note: for reported decisions, Quicklaw has the best coverage, with a complete run from 1992 to the present as well as over 2700 significant decisions from 1949 to 1991.)

Ontario Education Relations Commission Decisions (ERC): Contact Ministry of Labour, Collective Bargaining Information Services at 416-326-1260 or

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