There’s an exciting new feature in WestlawNext Canada that we just had to share with our legal research keeners. Brenda and I cheered out loud when this feature launched a few weeks ago, it’s that exciting!

From any page on WestlawNext Canada, you can now do a targeted search by clicking on the “Find” button at the end of the white search box. This will open the “Find Dropdown” template, which is a search box that gives you the option of retrieving materials by case, statute, or regulation name or citation.

The benefit of using this template is that when you know what you’re trying to find on WestlawNext (a certain case, a specific section of an act, etc.), as opposed to running a general keyword search, this will bring those documents up to the top of your results list, and not flood your results with documents you don’t need. Try it out, and let us know how it works for you!

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