Newly Received Materials from LSUC CPD

Below are some of the most recent CPD materials added to the library collection. Each title links to the book record where you can view more details and the full table of contents. All materials are available in print at the library, or if you’re interested in only a couple of articles, feel free to email us a request for a scanned copy.

The Six-Minute Labour Lawyer 2016 (May 26, 2016)

  • Federal labour law 2016: back to the future / Graham Clarke
  • Six recent OLRB cases you should know about / Paula Turtle
  • Criminal liability for workplace hazards / Nadine Zacks
  • Effective remedies for breach of privacy / Katherine Ferreira

The 13th Annual Real Estate Law Summit (April 20-21, 2016)

  • The “stuff” that crossed my desk this past year: new issues and old / Sidney Troister
  • The shape of things to come: real estate effects of demographic and economic change / Russell Mathew
  • Family law considerations for intergenerational transfers / Sarah Boulby
  • Condominium disputes: noise, nuisance & negligence and sometimes nasty neighbours / Nancy Houle

The Six-Minute Municipal Lawyer (May 4, 2016)

  • The test of no new net shadows: is it appropriate in an urban context? / David Bronskill
  • Parkland requirements: latest developments and guidance from the courts / Ira Kagan
  • Municipal accountability / Jennifer Smout
  • Interesting decisions you may have missed over the past year / Chris Barnett

Introduction to the Law on Impaired Driving (June 11, 2016)

  • Roadside stops – what’s the law? / Leila Mehkeri
  • Valid approved instrument demands / Margaux Peck
  • Drinking patterns defenses : now & then / Mitchell Eisen
  • The exclusion of evidence in drinking & driving cases / Jonathan Rosenthal & Shannon O’Connor

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