Howdy, Ottawa legal community! It’s the weekend, so the reference desk is closed. But to give you some inspiration, here’s what we’re reading, watching, and listening to this weekend.


Jen: Bryant & May and the Burning Man
This is one of my favourite British detective / mystery series guilty pleasure reads. I saw this on the new arrivals shelf at the public library and scooped it up.

Emily: Inventing English: A Portable History of the Language
Language history is always fascinating, and this book was next on my non-fiction reading queue.


Brenda: Psych
I have no idea how I missed this show when it was on TV, but I’ve recently discovered it on Netflix and am loving this fun procedural.

Listening To

Jen: “Money Tree” – Episode 51 of Criminal podcast
Do you listen to Criminal yet? You must. It is hands down one of my favourite podcasts. Each episode looks at some manner of criminal activity, with stories that are captivating and, quite often, moving. 

Brenda: “King of Kings I” – Show 57 of Hardcore History podcast
I love Dan Carlin’s History series, and as a Classics/Medieval Major I’m very excited to start listening to the episodes on the Persian Empire.

Emily: “I Don’t Have To Answer That” –  Radiolab podcast
Radiolab is definitely one of my favourite podcasts. I’ll be catching up on some of the newer episodes this weekend!

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