Long before we started our weekly e-newsletter (which of course you’re subscribed to), the CCLA had a print bulletin. A few years back, we collected all the copies of this we could find in the library and had them bound in a hard-cover format. I refer to them constantly for information on the CCLA from years past, and I was curious when this was started (or at least, how far back we have copies of the newsletter). To my great delight, the oldest CCLA Bulletin we have is dated October 20, 1972 – perfect for this week’s Throwback Thursday!


Other notable entries from this newsletter include notice for the 1973 Law Ball, that the LSUC was looking to establish a lawyer referral service for Ottawa, and that a group of local lawyers had organized a dinner and speech by Earl Nightingale. That Annual Member Dinner under item number one certainly sounds like a ripping good time – perhaps we should reintroduce a comedic element to our AGM?!

As an aside, if you’re ever cleaning out your offices and come across old copies of the CCLA Newsletter or CCLA Bulletin, that would otherwise be destined for recycling, please let us know! We’d love to fill the gaps in our collection.

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