Howdy, Ottawa legal community! It’s the weekend, so the reference desk is closed. But to give you some inspiration, here’s what we’re reading, watching, and listening to this weekend.


Jen: Closed Casket – Sophie Hannah
Oh hey! You’ve probably heard I like British detective fiction! I really liked Sophie Hannah’s first Poirot novel, and I picked up the second when I was in England last week. It’s so deliciously cozy already, and I’m only a couple chapters in.

Brenda: “Should We See Everything a Cop Sees?” -Mckenzie Funk, New York Times Magazine
I’m interested to read this new article on police transparency and body cameras, and how it’s developed for the past two years in Seattle.

Emily: Trick or Treat: A History of Halloween – Lisa Morton
Continuing with my thematic Halloween reading month, I’ll be brewing some tea and reading the chapter “Snap-apple Night and November Eve: Halloween in the British Isle”.


Brenda: Black Mirror, Season 1
This series has come highly recommended to me from a couple people now, so I think I’ll have to finally check it out.

Listening To

Jen: Lore – Trick or Treat 2016, Set 1
Lore is a delightful podcast that tells mysterious, sometimes scary stories. Halloween is obviously the best time of year for these sorts of tales. Check it out if you’re looking for something a little dark and spooky!

Emily: Mars Cosmic Rays – Quirks & Quarks
The red planet has been making the news lately, and it never fails to fascinate me. This video discusses how exposure to cosmic rays on future mars missions could cause astronauts to experience a condition dubbed as ‘space brain’.

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