Judicial Decisions with Missing Graphics

The issue of graphics or diagrams missing from online versions of judicial decisions has recently come to our attention. We’ll use McDonald’s Corp. v. Silverwood Industries Ltd. as an example, with specific regard to item number 3 in the table.

In the online version of this case, you get this from Lexis Advance Quicklaw:

Next, this is the version as it appears in Westlaw Next Canada:

Finally, though, in the print version, you get this:

Poor Mayor McCheese, excised from the online versions of the decision. This is very common in IP cases, where there are understandably a good many more drawings and graphics.

While the CCLA Library still has a wide collection of print reporters, and can easily go grab a copy of this decision off the shelf, the (maybe sad) truth is that many libraries have been discarding their print law reporter collections (as we will too, eventually). So, how do you get a copy of the print version?

How to Get a Copy of a Print Version of a Case Where the Graphic Has Been Removed

1. If this is time sensitive / “The Easiest Way”: Check with us. You can send us an email, or check our catalogue yourself to see if we have the law reporter you need. We’re more than happy to scan and send you a copy of the decision. If we don’t have the print reporter here, chances are we can still get a copy for you, but allow a business day turnaround time. It will likely be faster, but just in case

2. If you’re a WestlawNext Canada client: Contact their customer care department at ResearchSupport.LegalTaxCanada@TR.com. They will do their best to track down the print version and send it over. Please note that they can’t guarantee that they will have a copy, or what the turnaround time will be. Good news though: they are working on adding graphics back into decisions.

3. If you’re a Lexis Advance Quicklaw client: Contact their customer care department at service@lexisnexis.ca to get a copy of the image. Same disclaimer would apply about availability and turnaround time.


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