We’ve received quite a few new books since last month, which are now available here in the library. Check out the full list below!

A Guide to the Youth Criminal Justice Act, 2018 Edition (LexisNexis)

Administrative Law in Canada, 6th Edition (LexisNexis)

Defending Drinking and Driving Cases 2017 (Carswell)

Family Law Litigation Handbook (Ontario), 2nd Edition (Carswell)

Handling Provincial Offence Cases in Ontario 2017 (Carswell)

Landlord’s Rights and Remedies in a Commercial Lease: A Practical Guide, Second Edition (Carswell)

Law and Law Breaking in Game of Thrones (LexisNexis)

Motions Court Practice and Procedure, 2nd Edition (LexisNexis)

Ontario Annual Practice 2017-2018 Edition (Carswell)

Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Act & Commentary, 2017/2018 Edition (LexisNexis)

Personal Injury Damages, 2017 Edition (LexisNexis)

Practice & Procedure Before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (Carswell)

Practitioner’s Goods and Services Tax Annotated with Harmonized Sales Tax 2017, 35th Edition (Carswell)

Practitioner’s Ontario Taxes Annotated 2017 Spring Edition (Carswell)

Prosecuting and Defending Extradition Cases: A Practitioner’s Handbook (Emond Publishing)

The 2017-2018 Annotated Contraventions Act (Carswell)

The Law of Civil Procedure in Ontario, 3rd Edition (LexisNexis)

The Law of the Canadian Constitution, 2nd Edition (LexisNexis)

The Law on Disability Issues in the Workplace (Emond Publishing)

Watt’s Manual of Criminal Evidence 2017 (Carswell)

Wills and Estates, 4th Edition (Emond Publishing)

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