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#ThrowbackThursday: Library Renovations, 1895

I can’t help it – I’m officially obsessed with the goodies I’ve found looking through old scans of The Ottawa Journal. Our last TBT was about the 1940 golf tournament; today’s is even older.

We’ve been deep in the weeds here at the CCLA with renovation planning over the last few months. Finding this news clipping from the December 14, 1895 Ottawa Journal on what was surely the first CCLA “renovation” has totally made my day:

Pictures of this “model law library” are at the very, very top of my wish list (sadly, none exist that we know of). I’m also amused that there was concern even then about room for lawyers to meet with their clients – this has to be one of the most frequently requested things at our current day courthouse!

In happy news, the move out from judges’ chambers was in fact approved by the gaol and building committee:

Black’s Law Dictionary: Now on WestlawNext Canada!

Here’s a cool new feature we just learned about in our library’s WestlawNext Canada subscription.

Black’s Law Dictionary, the most well-known legal dictionary on the market, is now tucked away (but free to use in our library) under the “International” tab.

From the home screen, you will want to select the “International” tab:


From there, you can find a link out to the Black’s Law Dictionary underneath the Westlaw US document titles:

This will open a new screen and log you into the American version of Westlaw’s interface for the Black’s dictionary. There is a dedicated search screen for this title, so you will only be searching within the dictionary itself – not the other American content on Westlaw.

Et voilà, your results list!


If you have WestlawNext at your office, see if this is included in your LawSource package (but of course, be mindful of what charges might be incurred for this search first). As always, any Westlaw work you do at the library is free of charge.

Recently Published Ottawa Decisions

Find below recently published Ottawa decisions, available for free through

Family Matters

Curry v. Curry (2017 ONSC 4778)
income — spousal support — tax — capital gains — trust
Justice A. Doyle

Freiman v. Freiman (2017 ONSC 4981)
matrimonial home — spousal support — income — marriage — formerly enjoyed intra-spousal entitlement
Justice T. Engelking

Rubalcava v. Tracey (2017 ONSC 4978)
child — spousal support — access schedule — parent — custody
Justice M. Labrosse

Burgess v. Karam (2017 ONSC 4977)
expenses — paid by monthly payments — share — child support — overpayment
Justice S. Kershman

Guertin v. Dumas (2017 ONSC 4979)
father — change the child s school — catchment area — boundary — kilometers
Justice M. Shelston

Clark v. Moxley (2017 ONSC 4971)
school — afterschool — mid-week overnight — parenting schedule — best interests
Justice L. Sheard

Civil Matters

4381840 Canada Inc. v. Charron, Langlois LLP et al. (2017 ONSC 5043)
actions — consolidated — alias — waiver of solicitor-client privilege — lawyers
Justice P. Roger

Asselin v. Fournier (2017 ONSC 5035)
plastic surgeon — settlement funds — disfiguration — psychological — evidence
Justice S. Corthorn

Carleton Condominium Corporation No. 166 v. Sennek (2017 ONSC 5016)
vexatious litigant — fresh evidence — returnable — endorsement — motion
Justice L. Sheard

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New Titles – August 2017

The following is a list of new books we’ve acquired in the library. New editions of Martin’s Annual Criminal Code, Annual Review of Family Law, and Ontario Small Claims Court Practice can now be found in Reserve behind the Reference Desk. See the rest below!

Annual Review of Criminal Law 2016 (Carswell)

Annual Review of Family Law 2016-2017 (Carswell)

2012 Ontario Building Code Compendium (Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing)

Code Criminel Annoté 2018 (Éditions Yvon Blais)

Disability Insurance Law in Canada, Second Edition (Carswell)

Federal Access to Information and Privacy Legislation Annotated 2018 (Carswell)

Honsberger’s Bankruptcy in Canada, Fifth Edition (Carswell)

Martin’s Annual Criminal Code, 2018 Edition (Carswell)

Martin’s Ontario Criminal Practice, 2018 Edition (Carswell)

Ontario Assessment Legislation, 2017-2018 Edition (Carswell)

Ontario Provincial Offences 2018 Pocket Edition (Carswell)

Ontario Small Claims Court Practice 2018 (Carswell)

Prosecutorial Misconduct, Second Edition (Carswell)

Stikeman Income Tax Act Annotated 2017, 62nd Edition (Carswell)

Title Searching & Conveyancing in Ontario, 7th Edition (LexisNexis)

The 2017 Annotated Ontario Highway Traffic Act (Carswell)

The 2017 Annotated Ontario Provincial Offences Act (Carswell)

The 2017-2018 Annotated Ontario Personal Property Security Act (Carswell)

The Law of Judicial Notice (Carswell)

vLex Canada now available at the CCLA Library

We are pleased to announce that the vLex Canada law database is now available for access at the CCLA Library! vLex is a new database that includes Canadian case law from a multitude of reporters, Irwin law secondary materials, several law journals and integrated access to the Slaw legal magazine.

Even better, vLex is partnering with the CCLA to allow users to log in for free from their accounts on site at the library, but then receive 24 hour take-away access to the database from anywhere! This means you can simply log in from the courthouse library and take your work back to the comfort of your own office for 24 hours, without the need for your own subscription. Anonymous access (access without a username/password), is also available for free at the CCLA Library.

For more background on the vLex Canada law database, from an upcoming press release:

vLex Canada is based in Ottawa and led by former CanLII CEO, and CCLA member, Colin Lachance. In November of 2016, Colin led the effort to acquire and re-purpose the Maritime Law Book collection when that company announced its intent to shut its doors after 47 years of publishing Canadian case law. Launched initially as “Compass”, in December of 2016, the new company began its efforts to reinvigorate competition in the Canadian primary law research market. In May Compass announced that it had taken investment from international legal publishers vLex (Spain) and Justia (U.S.) and would shortly re-launch its research service on the vLex platform, and that the CEOs of those companies would join the Compass Board of Directors. Compass also announced the appointment of Ottawa-based and internationally-renowned legal market analyst Jordan Furlong to its Board of Directors.


vLex Canada brings several important Canadian legal resources together on a world-leading international technology platform.  With Canadian case law from the Maritime Law Book national and provincial reporter series, as well as up-to-date english-language case law as its base, vLex Canada layers in integrated access to a deep selection of the Irwin Law Essentials of Canada Law series, several Canadian law journals, Slaw legal magazine and several other national and regionally important secondary sources. The advanced vLex research platform serves hundreds of thousands of customers around the globe through intelligent technology and extensive personalization features. Application of Machine Learning and other artificial intelligence techniques on the platform to the Canadian content will support soon-to-arrive features such as similar case recommendations, automatic topical classification of cases, unique visualizations to support research, and detailed court analytics.

We’re very excited to have access to this new resource and to see how it grows! We will be highlighting the features of this new database in the future, but for now you can access it through our CCLA Library Toolkit (on site and take-away). You can also sign up for your free vLex account here.


#ThrowbackThursday: CCLA Golf Tournament, 1940

I was doing some digging on for old Ottawa stories, and came across this write-up about the 1940 CCLA golf tournament. Printed on June 27, 1940 in The Ottawa Journal, this seems to be going for humour, but I think maybe you had to be there (and perhaps know the people in question!).

Recently Published Ottawa Decisions

Find below recently published Ottawa decisions, available for free through

Family Matters

Bernard v. Fuhgeh (2017 ONSC 4727)
motion — conference — urgent — bias — affidavit
Justice J. Audet

Bielser v. Bielser (2017 ONSC 4703)
motion — costs — characterizes — primary residence of the children — reasonableness
Justice T. Engelking

Crofts v. Crofts (2017 ONSC 4676)
child is habitually resident — custody — jurisdiction — email — motion
Justice T. Engelking

Yovcheva v. Hristov (2017 ONSC 4660)
indemnity rate — costs to be paid — proper — represented — endorsement
Justice T. Engelking

K.E.L.(L) v. S.L. (2017 ONSC 4656)
motion — custody — access — children — submits
Justice T. Engelking

Civil Matters

D.L. v. Kay (2017 ONSC 4724)
anti-psychotic medication — treatment — declining — appreciation test — psychiatrists
Justice C. Hackland

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#ThrowbackThursday: Statutes of Canada 1888

This week’s Throwback was scheduled to be something else, but I found this book while weeding the legislation section of the library yesterday and couldn’t resist.

Below, pictures from one of our volumes of the Statutes of Canada 1888, where someone (the librarian? A lawyer?) pasted legal stories from the newspaper into the first pages of the book. A nice time capsule item of how legal information was captured way-back-when.





Library Tip: eLooseleafs on Proview Now Included in WestlawNext Searching

We’d like to highlight a new(ish) feature for WestlawNext this week, in that they have added search integration with our Proview looseleafs! Now when you enter a search from the homescreen, hits from looseleafs available on the Proview platform will also show up in the search results, as you can see in the screenshot below:

Like other categories, you can click through the “View All” link to see other results from our looseleafs as well. Clicking on any of the titles will automatically link you over to the Proview platform so you can read the full title from there. Very useful in having one place that will search both platforms!

Library Titles Available for Cost of Shipping

As we prepare to renovate the CCLA Library, we are removing select titles from our print collection. We’d like to see as many of these items as possible land in happy new homes, so we’re going to keep an updated list of items that we have available for the taking up here on the blog. If you see anything on this list that you would like, please get in touch. All items are free but for the cost of shipping (if you have a shipping account number we can charge to, that would be the absolute best).

Additionally, if there is something specific you’re on the lookout for, please let us know – we might just have it but haven’t marked it for weeding yet.

You can email us at, or give us a call at 613-233-7386 extension 221 (or toll-free in Ontario at 1-866-637-3888).

Updated August 8, 2017

Legislation – Canadian

Statutes of Canada, Various Years (Contact for specific volume information)

Revised Statutes of Canada 1970

Revised Statutes of Canada 1985 (missing volume 1)

Alberta Statutes, 1960-2008

British Columbia Statutes, 1960-2002

British Columbia Revised Statutes 1960

Manitoba Statutes, 1960-1966

New Brunswick Statutes, 1960-2002

Newfoundland and Labrador Statutes, 1952-2007

Prince Edward Island Statutes, 1960-2008

Quebec Statutes, 1959-60-2008

Quebec Revised Regulations 1981

Quebec Gazette Part 2, 1977-1988

Saskatchewan Statutes, 1960-2008

Yukon Statutes, 1994-2008