Lexis Advance Quicklaw: Upgrade to Finding the Halsbury’s Laws of Canada

If you’ve used Lexis Advance Quicklaw lately, you’ll notice a new feature to the home screen: the “Explore Content” box beneath the search bar.



This box is still new, and continued enhancements to it are sure to follow, but for now I think it’s a really great tool to highlight the Halsbury’s Laws of Canada, which are available within Quicklaw. The Halsbury’s series is a great introduction to many different legal topics, featuring titles by leading authors in their respective areas of law.

Prior to this new “Explore Content” box, finding the full set of the Halsbury’s was a bit difficult. Now, it couldn’t be easier. When you enter Quicklaw at the CCLA library on any of our public computers, the box will be almost at the top of the screen. Just click where it says Halsbury’s Laws of Canada




And you’ll be brought to a nice and tidy page containing a list of all of the  titles.


You can click on any of the titles in blue, and be brought to the table of contents for that book, as well as a search box that will search that title of Halsbury’s alone. As an example, here is the screen for the Halsbury’s Law of Canada – Aboriginal Law:



I love any feature that makes browsing available materials in a database easier, so this to me is a really great upgrade. Check it out next time you’re in the CCLA Library!