Fellow fans of old tech, behold: a Quicksearch User’s Manual!

As we get ready to renovate the library, we’ve had to do a massive clean out of our belongings. Our ED Rick found this jewel tucked away in the depths of our storage locker.

Quicksearch was the precursor to Quicklaw. Undoubtedly some of you remember the early days of online searching for cases. No fancy interfaces here! Just DOS-like prompts over dial-up modems. This user’s manual was a looseleaf (last updated here in 1993), that showed you how to carry out the (by today’s standards) very complicated search strings needed to retrieve a case. I took a few photos from the book; enjoy! (Click on any picture to make it bigger.)





2 thoughts on “#ThrowbackThursday: Quicksearch User’s Manual

  1. Love it … I had a flood in my storage cupboard about two weeks ago (luckily no damage) but had to clean out the cupboard so they can do the repairs …. I found all kinds of things including this manual and later ones for Quicklaw among other “stuff” …. winter cleaning I guess instead of spring cleaning … good luck with your renos

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