CCLA Renovations: Library Service Update

After a grueling month of moving books, packing, unpacking, furniture disassembly and reassembly, we’re back! Here’s an update on what is currently available at the CCLA Library:

Public Computers

There are three computers available for use. You can print from these computers (black and white only). All of these computers are set up to access WestlawNext Canada, Lexis Advance Quicklaw, Thomson Reuters ProView, and a whole bunch of other great research tools.

Print Collection

All of the books that we chose to keep out during the renovation are now in the Lounge. You can call this collection our Greatest Hits. As always, books are for Courthouse use only – if you wish to take a book to court, please see a CCLA Library staff member to sign the book out. Books are due back to a staff member by 5:00 every day.

Photocopiers and Fax

We have one photocopier available for copying and scanning, and one fax machine. For payment for copies or print jobs, we accept cheques, cards, or firm account only (no cash).

Library Staff Assistance

We’re here! We’ve propped open the doors between the Lounge and the Library (we’ll be taking them down entirely soon), and you can find us just past those doors. We’ve also re-opened the helplines, so free free to call or email. During this time, we can order in books from other libraries if we don’t have what you need, but if you’re reading this from a library we normally lend to, we’re sorry but we can’t lend anything at this time.


We’re a bit short on space at the moment for studying. There are a few tables in the lounge, but nothing available in the Library itself. This is a temporary measure and we’ll have more space available later this year.

One other big change is that the old “main doors” to the library are no longer in service. They’ll be back in the future, but for now they will remain locked. The only entrance to the Library is through the lounge, and while we acknowledge this does make it more difficult to find us, and harder to get in if you do not have a code, this is only a temporary measure. We will be open again through the main entrance later this year. Contact us if you need the code for the lounge.

We thank every one for their patience over the last month – we know how difficult it can be to carry on business at court without the services the CCLA provides.


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