If you’ve been to the library recently, you’ve probably noticed some major changes around here. For the renovations, we’ve had to put most of our collection in storage and now have a temporary library set up in the Lounge. We’ve kept out as many books that we could, while also leaving plenty of space for new books that we’ll acquire during this time. Over the past two months we’ve received a ton of new books, which are all available for you to use. Check out the list below!

The 2018 Annotated Bank Act with Associated Regulations (Carswell)

The 2018 Annotated Canada Labour Code (Carswell)

The 2018 Annotated Competition Act (Carswell)

The 2018 Annotated Copyright Act (Carswell)

The 2018 Annotated Customs Act (Carswell)

The 2018 Annotated Divorce Act (Carswell)

The 2018 Annotated Employment Insurance Act (Carswell)

The 2018 Annotated Immigration and Refugee Protection Act of Canada (Carswell)

The 2018 Annotated Ontario Children’s Law Reform Act (Carswell)

The 2018 Annotated Ontario Family Law Act (Carswell)

The 2018 Annotated Ontario Human Rights Code (Carswell)

The 2018 Annotated Ontario Labour Relations Act (Carswell)

The 2018 Annotated Ontario Landlord and Tenant Statutes (Carswell)

Annotated Firearms Act & Related Legislation, 4th ed. (LexisNexis)

Annotated Ontario Rules of Criminal Practice 2018 (Carswell)

Bennett on Bankruptcy, 20th ed. (LexisNexis)

Bullen & Leake & Jacob’s Canadian Precedents of Pleadings, 3rd ed. Carswell)

Canadian Immigration & Refugee Law Practice, 2018 ed. (LexisNexis)

Conduct of a Lien Action 2018 (Carswell)

Consolidated Bank Act and Regulations 2017-2018 (Carswell)

Criminal Procedure in Canada, 2nd ed. (LexisNexis)

Digital Evidence: A Practitioner’s Handbook (Emond Publishing)

Federal Courts Practice, 2018 (Carswell)

A Guide to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, 2018 ed. (LexisNexis)

The Law of Search and Seizure in Canada, 10th ed. (LexisNexis)

McLeod’s Ontario Family Law Rules Annotated 2017-2018 (Carswell)

Ontario Employment Standards Act: Quick Reference, 2018 ed. (Carswell)

Ontario Litigator’s Guide to Human Rights Practice (LexisNexis)

The Ontario Personal Injury Desk Reference (Emond Publishing)

Practice Management for Paralegals (Emond Publishing)

Prosecuting and Defending Fraud Cases: A Practitioner’s Handbook (Emond Publishing)

Startup Law 101: A Practical Guide (LexisNexis)

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