Please find below links to blog posts or articles authored by the Ottawa legal community in March.

Civil Litigation

Perils of Joint Ownership of Property
– Anthony McGlynn, Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall LLP/s.r.l.

Examinations of Corporate Parties – Who is the mouth piece?
– Shauna Cant, Mann Lawyers

Did Brain Injury Cause Securities Trader to Make Poor Investments?
– Frank Van Dyke, Van Dyke Injury Law Blog

Andersson v Aquino, 2018 ONSC 852
– Matt Smith, Low Murchison Radnoff LLP

Summary: Leonard v Saint-Vincent Hospital, 2018 ONSC 370
– Tess Brown, Low Murchison Radnoff LLP

When is a Motion for Summary Judgment Appropriate?
– Jennifer Aouad, Low Murchison Radnoff LLP

Case Commentary: North Elgin Center Inc. V. McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited
– Doug Smyth, Low Murchison Radnoff LLP

When Should the Court Allow the Examination of a Non-Party?
– Christine LaCasse, Low Murchison Radnoff LLP

Condominium Law

Changes to the Status Certificate
– Rodrigue Escayola, Condo Adviser

Electric Car Charging Stations in Condos
– Rodrigue Escayola, Condo Adviser

New Electric Vehicle Charging Requirements for Condos
– Rodrigue Escayola, Condo Adviser

New Regulations Will Arrive on May 1st Respecting Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Condominiums
– David Lu, Davidson Houle Allen LLP

Some Human Rights News for Condominium Corporations
– James Davidson, Davidson Houle Allen LLP

Recent Case Respecting Owner’s Application for Minor Variance
– James Davidson, Davidson Houle Allen LLP

Construction Law

New Construction Act takes effect
– Neil S. Abbott, Edward (Ted) G. Betts, & Louis-Pierre Grégoire, Gowling WLG

Corporate Commercial Law

OSC Makes New Rule On Distributions Outside Canada
– Paul Franco, Mann Lawyers

CSA Propose Amendments to Remove Prospectus and Registration Exemptions for Syndicated Mortgages
– Paul Franco, Mann Lawyers

The Decline of Door-to-Door Sales – Changes to the Ontario Consumer Protection Act
– Lacey Miller, Mann Lawyers

Oppression: Divisional Court Upholds Liquidation to Resolve Shareholder Dispute
– Chris McLeod, Mann Lawyers

Criminal Law

Why the New Justice Reform Bill, C-75, Is Anything But Just
– Michael Spratt, Abergel Goldstein & Partners LLP

Liberal Criminal Justice Reforms A Bold Betrayal
– Michael Spratt, Abergel Goldstein & Partners LLP

Grant Revived
– Dallas Mack, Mack’s Criminal Law

March 2018 Criminal Law Round-Up
– Anne Marie McElroy, McElroy Law

Just Say No to the Police
– Michael Spratt, Abergel Goldstein & Partners LLP

Pot Bill’s Sober Second Thought
– Michael Spratt, Abergel Goldstein & Partners LLP

Employment & Labour Law

Changes to the Employment Standards Act: What Were the Missed Opportunities?
– Andrew Reinholdt, Nelligan O’Brien Payne

Recognizing and Resolving Poisoned Work Environments
– Paul Willetts, Vey Willetts LLP

Everything New is Old Again: Continuity of Employment in an Asset Sale at Common Law
– Sean Bawden, Labour Pains

Divisional Court Dismisses Appeal in Case Concerning Working Notice Being Inappropriate for Employees on Disability Leave
– Sean Bawden, Labour Pains

Claiming Constructive Dismissal as an Independent Contractor
– Sean Bawden, Labour Pains

Enhancing Your Employee Compensation Plan – Digital Currency and Other Non-Cash Alternatives
– Paul A. Lalonde, Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall LLP/s.r.l.

Pot will soon be legal. Can I bring weed brownies to the staff party?
– Jim Anstey, Nelligan O’Brien Payne

Family Law

A Sperm Donor or Dad? Case Comment: M.R.R. v. J.M. 2017 ONSC 2655
– Jenny Johnston, Mann Lawyers

Tax Adjustments for Retroactive Spousal Support Calculations
– Mary Cybulski, Mann Lawyers

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Vriend v Alberta
– Natasha Chettiar, Nelligan O’Brien Payne


Bemoaning Instant Gratification – Legally Speaking
– Gordon B. Greenwood, Maclaren Corlett

Government Affairs

Why Governments Fear Blockchain Applications
– Samuel Bocetta, Mack’s Criminal Law

Practice Management

Don’t fear the rainmaker
– Jordan Furlong, Law21

Privacy & Security Law

Bill C-59 and the Judicialization of Intelligence
– Craig Forcese, National Security Law

Mark your calendars: Mandatory data-breach notification rules come into force November 1
– Anca Sattler, Privacy and Cybersecurity Law

PIPEDA data breach reporting to take effect November 1, 2018
– Joshua Shoemaker, Wendy J. Wagner, & Naïm Alexandre Antaki, Gowling WLG

Regulatory Law

Health Canada releases proposed requirements for packaging and labelling of cannabis products
– Lewis Retik, Gowling WLG

Cannabis Law Update: Health Canada Consultation Results
– Mark Asfar, Momentum Business Law

Trade Law

GATT Article XXI’s National Security Exception – The Ultimate Trade Policy Conundrum
– Michael Woods, Canadian Trade Law

Steel, Aluminum, and the WTO’s Pandora’s Box of National Security – Part I
– Michael Woods, Canadian Trade Law

Steel, Aluminum, and the WTO’s Pandora’s Box – Part II
– Michael Woods, Canadian Trade Law

Wills & Estates 

Dependant Relief and Defining Relationships
– Paul Taylor-Sussex, Nelligan O’Brien Payne

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