As the steady stream of Ottawa litigators heading to Mt. Tremblant begins this afternoon, we’re looking back at the conference program from 20 years ago. As it happens, the conference that year was also held in Tremblant.

The resolution of the only copy of the agenda that we have for the 1998 conference is unfortunately pretty hard to read, but we’ve done our best. Unless someone knows how to convert a 98 File to .docx, this will have to do! I love that there was a session on Y2K. Remember Y2K?

One thought on “#ThrowbackThursday: Civil Litigation Updated 1998

  1. Look at all the speakers’ names without the title “Justice” in front of them: Adriana Doyle, Anne Mactavish, Heather Williams, Master Beaudoin, Charles Hackland, Timothy Ray, James Macnamara and Sylvia Corthorn. What a difference 20 years makes!

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