Adding Automatic Sequences to Microsoft Word 3

Save time in your drafting by using the following Microsoft Word tip from the Carmen Baru of the CCLA Technology Committee!

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3 thoughts on “Adding Automatic Sequences to Microsoft Word

    • Carmen M. Baru

      Hi Marc-Antoine,
      Can you try the following: download the Word document called “sequence_fields_in_ms_word.docx” from here: . In that document, you will see the words: “Attached as exhibit A” . Copy and paste that line several times in the same document. Then select all (ctrl + a). Then press F9. The fields should update. Let me know if they do or don’t, and we’ll troubleshoot from there.

  • George Windsor

    This is a very helpful tip. Thank you.

    PS Re Comment. It only works when you copy and then paste the field using Keep Source Formatting. If you paste as text, then it doesn’t update.