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Update on the CCLA Conference Papers Collection on CanLII

Back in March, we were thrilled to announce that CCLA conference papers were now being stored on CanLII. The team at CanLII and Lexum has been hard at work, and the great news is that all of the papers that are scheduled to be hosted are now up! You can find papers from the Family, Solicitors, Criminal, and Civil Litigation conferences from 2014 up to 2019 in CanLII’s Commentary section. Once we start hosting conferences again, new papers will be deposited with CanLII within just a few months of the event.

If you’re interested in how to find and link to your papers, check out this post we did in March.

Thanks, as always, to CanLII for hosting our papers!

Recently Published Ottawa Decisions

Find below recently published Ottawa decisions, available for free through

Family Matters

O’Connor v. Merlo (2020 ONSC 2531)
access — child support — parenting time — income — texts
Justice D. Summers

Burke v. Bouzane (2020 ONSC 3739)
school — costs — father — children — offer to settle
Justice A. Doyle

Stewart & Bernard v. Fuhgeh et al. (2020 ONSC 3789)
affidavit — conference — motion — set aside — orders
Justice M. Shelston

CAS v. S.K. et al (2020 ONSC 3689)
mental health — chronic delusional disorder — child — evidence — support network
Justice M. Smith

CAS v. A.H. and J.P. (2020 ONSC 3449)
child — care — alcohol — domestic violence — maternal aunt
Justice D. Summers

Madi v. King (2020 ONSC 3611)
motion — parenting — adjournment request — daughter — child
Justice R. Ryan Bell

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Recently Published Ottawa Decisions

Find below recently published Ottawa decisions, available for free through

Family Matters

Zeitoun v. Abdallah (2020 ONSC 3500)
bested — costs — conference — motion — fixing
Justice J. Mackinnon

Sears v. Coristine (2020 ONSC 3450)
father — costs — motions — affidavits — docketed
Justice S. Corthorn

Hewitt v. Doyle (2020 ONSC 3416)
father — children — best interests — matrimonial home — parent
Justice A. Doyle

N. S. v R. M. (2020 ONSC 3359)
include both parents surnames — mistake — functus officio — father — draft
Justice A. Doyle

Burke v. Bouzanne (2020 ONSC 3336)
school — children — attend — schools — father
Justice A. Doyle

Balbachir c. Babalchir (2020 ONCS 3264)
pandémie — éclosion — conférence — chiot — virus
Protonotaire A. Kaufman

St. Louis v. St. Louis (2020 ONSC 3205)
father — children — access — mediated — coronavirus
Justice J. Mackinnon

Civil Matters

Attorney General of Ontario v. 947014 Ontario Inc. & Michael Norwood (Estate) (2020 ONSC 3510)
estate trustee — forfeiture — property — legitimate owner — settlement
Justice C. Hackland

Cohen v. Cohen Estate (2020 ONSC 88)
questioning — three-part test — evidence — recording — written interrogatories
Justice S. Corthorn

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Information for 2020-2021 Summer and Articling Students

Even though we may be living in extraordinary times, particularly for the justice sector, the staff of the CCLA Library are still here for you. This is especially true for this year’s summer and articling students. Normally, we invite students to come to the CCLA to meet us, have a tour of our space, and learn about our library services. As we don’t have a projected re-opening date, we aren’t able to invite students over, but we still very much want to meet them. Working with students is one of our favourite and most important jobs, so if you don’t read any further in this blog post, please pass along our email ( to your students!

If you will be taking on students (or already have), for either a summer term or for an articling year, please let us know! Student memberships in the CCLA are available – find out more and register here. However, if you aren’t sure that you’ll be signing your students up for membership, we’d still be grateful if you could send us a quick note with the names and emails of your students so that we can reach out to them and let them know about the CCLA Library.

As always, please encourage your students to sign up for our free email newsletter at this link. The CCLA News weekly newsletter and special announcements are a vital form of connection for the Ottawa legal community, and we’d love to have them on our list.

HeadStart Ottawa: Legal Research for Articling and LPP Students

In previous years, we’ve held a session exclusively for articling and LPP students called “HeadStart Ottawa.” While we may not have access to our physical space this year, we are delighted to announce that we will be planning a virtual HeadStart program for later this summer. Details on this free session will be available soon, so keep an eye out for that!