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Family Matters

DeGiorgio v. DeGiorgio (2023 ONSC 2277)
Civil procedure — Costs — full indemnity costs — Entitlement — Misconduct in or abuse of litigation process
Justice T. Engelking

Cuthbert v. Johnson (2023 ONSC 2272)
Family law — Civil procedure — Costs — Substantial Indemnity — Reasonable conduct of parties
Justice N. Somji

Civil Matters

11138120 Canada Inc. v. Rizk (2023 ONSC 2461)
Solicitor and client — Assessment of accounts — Special circumstances
Justice R. Ryan Bell

Vaux-Lacelle v. OMERS Administration Corporation et al. (2023 ONSC 1902)
Family law — Spousal support — Pension entitlement — Board of Directors — Discretion
Justice C. Hackland

Marks v. 1324789 Ontario Inc. et al (2023 ONSC 2420)
Bankruptcy and insolvency — Civil procedure — Appeals — Stay
Justice C. MacLeod

Municipality of Mississippi Mills v. Maynard (2023 ONSC 2329)
Municipal law — Environmental law — Zoning by-laws — Enforcement — Vexatious litigant
Justice J. Hooper

Laflamme v. Meikle (2023 ONSC 2264)
Practice — Applications — Rules of Civil Procedure, r. 38.10
Justice R. Ryan Bell

The Canada Soccer Association Incorporated v. Association de Soccer de Brossard (2023 ONSC 2240)
Civil procedure — Outcome of litigation — Interim award — Entitlement to costs
Justice R. Ryan Bell

Carleton Condominium Corporation No. 519 v. Ottawa-Carleton Standard Condominium Corporation No. 656 et al. (2023 ONSC 178)
Contract law — Real property — Condominiums — Interpretation — Unjust enrichment
Justice C. Hackland

Divisional Court Decisions from Ottawa Judges

G.S. v. S.B. (2023 ONSC 2353)
Family law — Custody — Access — Best interests of child
Justice R. Ryan Bell

UFCWC, Local 175 v. CVH Birchwood Terrace Nursing Home (2023 ONSC 2218)
Labour relations — Judicial review — Grounds for deferral
Justices N. Backhouse, S. Stevenson, S. Gomery

Court of Appeal Decisions of Local Interest

R. v. Hussein (2023 ONCA 253)
Criminal law — Murder — Second degree murder — Sentencing — Period of parole ineligibility
Justices D. Paciocco, L. Sossin, and L. Favreau

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