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Family Matters

Gravel v Dufresne (2023 ONSC 2267)
Family law — Parenting orders — Best interests of child — Maximum contact principle
Justice D. Summers

Civil Matters

S.B. v Dr. Neil de Laplante (2023 ONSC 3302)
Certification — Incapacity to manage property — Power of attorney — Substitute Decisions Act
Justice K. Jensen

Pagliaro v 1823360 Ontario Inc. (2023 ONSC 3253)
Real property — Easements — Prescriptive easements — Civil procedure — Costs
Justice R. Ryan Bell

Simpson v Mehta (2023 ONSC 3063)
Power of attorney — Capacity — Undue influence
Justice P. Roger

Riopelle v Riopelle (2023 ONSC 3169)
Torts — Defamation — Notoriety — Conspiracy
Justice R. Ryan Bell

Sauve v His Majesty the King in Right of Canada et al. (2023 ONSC 3140)
Motion to strike pleadings — Abuse of process
Justice C. Hackland

11385054 Canada Inc. v The Floor Company (2023 ONSC 3099)
Contract law — Restrictive covenants — Duty of care — Negligent misrepresentation — Misrepresentation
Justice J. Hooper

Criminal Matters

R. v Donnelly (2023 ONSC 3211)
Criminal law — Murder — Second degree murder — Attempted murder — Mental disorder
Justice A. London-Weinstein

R. v Cox (2023 ONSC 2972)
Criminal law — Murder — Manslaughter — Sentencing — Considerations
Justice N. Somji

Divisional Court Decisions of Local Interest

Huggins v Hayhurst (2023 ONSC 3312)
Summary judgment — Leave to appeal
Justices M. G. Ellies, H. Sachs, and M. Gibson

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