See the list below for new titles now available at the CCLA library!

2023 Annotated Divorce Act (Thomson)

2023 Annotated Ontario Personal Property Security Act (Thomson)

Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Construction Industry in Canada (LexisNexis)

Annotated Firearms Act & Related Legislation, 5th Ed. (LexisNexis)

Child Protection Law in Ontario (LexisNexis)

The Law of Affidavits (LexisNexis)

Lawyers’ Ethics and Professional Regulation, 4th Ed. (LexisNexis)

The Modern Principle of Statutory Interpretation, 2nd Ed. (LexisNexis)

Power of Attorney Litigation, 2nd Ed. (LexisNexis)

Stikeman Income Tax Act Annotated, 73rd Ed. (Thomson)

Termination and Rescission of Agreements for the Purchase and Sale of Land (LexisNexis)

Virtual Advocacy: Litigating from a Distance (LexisNexis)

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