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Civil Matters

Horrocks v. McConville et al. (2023 ONSC 5307)
Family law — Civil procedure — Admissions — Withdrawal
Justice M. Smith

Stayside Corporation Inc. V. Cyndric Group Inc. et al. (2023 ONSC 5266)
Civil procedure — Costs — Substantial Indemnity — Anticipatory breach
Justice A. Doyle

Bruno Makoundi et al. -et- Lycée Claudel et al. (2023 ONCS 5149)
convaincue que la juge associée — protocole d entente — cautionnement pour dépens — impécunieux — bonnes raisons
Juge H. Williams

Sachan v. Chief Electoral Officer of Canada (2023 ONSC 5206)
Construction of statutes — Canada Elections Act
Justice O. Rees

Kisac v. Defence Construction (1951) Ltd. (2023 ONSC 5192)
Civil procedure — Striking pleadings — No reasonable cause of action
Justice S. Gomery

Thompson v. Canadian Home Improvement Credit Corporation (2023 ONSC 5159)
Damages — Punitive damages
Justice S. Gomery

Taetz v. Mikolajewski (2023 ONSC 5143)
Wills and estates — Estate trustees — Costs
Justice A. Doyle

Crete et al. v. Ottawa Community Housing Corporation et al. (2023 ONSC 5141)
Contract law — Interpretation — Real property — Commercial leases — Snow removal
Justice H. Williams

Seal It Up v. Irwin (2023 ONSC 5136)
Contract law — Breach — Injunctions — Interim injunctions
Justice J. Hooper

Auriemma et al. v. Cristoveanu (2023 ONSC 5072)
Civil procedure — Parties under disability — Litigation guardians
Justice S. Corthorn

Santos et al v. Coghlan et al (2023 ONSC 4862)
Wills and estates — Estate administration — Indemnity costs — Directions — Costs
Assoicate Justice A. Kaufman

Criminal Matters

R v. Wilson (2023 ONSC 5160)
Criminal law — Evidence — Fresh evidence
Justice R. Smith

Divisional Court Decisions from Ottawa Judges

Rowe v. College of Nurses of Ontario (2023 ONSC 5170)
Judicial review — Practice and procedure — Costs
Justice R. Ryan Bell

Interpaving Limited v. Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal (2023 ONSC 5162)
Administrative law — Judicial review — Standard of review — Reasonableness
Justice S. Gomery

Court of Appeal Decisions of Local Interest

Musa v. Carleton Condominium Corporation No. 255 (2023 ONCA 605)
Torts — Negligence — Occupiers’ liability — Duty of care — Standard of care
Justices L. Roberts, B. Miller, and S. Coroza

R. v. Ethier (2023 ONCA 600)
Criminal law — Charge to jury — Post-offence conduct — Murder — Second degree murder
Justices D. Doherty, E. Gillese, and B. Zarnett

R. v. Lavergne (2023 ONCA 592)
Criminal law — Sexual offences — Sexual exploitation — Constitutional validity of s. 153(1.1)(a)
Justices G. Huscroft, D. Paciocco, and S. Coroza

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