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Family Matters

Maclean v. Courville (2023 ONSC 5565)
Family law — Child support — Variation
Justice T. Engelking

Malone v. Cappon (2023 ONSC 5365)
Family law — Maintenance — Entitlement — Needs of child — Employment
Justice J. Audet

Mikhail v. Mikhail (2023 ONSC 5289)
Adjournments — Imputation of income — Spousal support — Child support — Federal Child Support Guidelines
Justice P. MacEachern

Civil Matters

Royal Bank of Canada c. Guy Lafond (2023 ONCS 4873)
dépens — costs — montants — motion — base d indemnisation complète
Juge H. Williams

Aubin v. Bowie (2023 ONSC 5372)
Civil procedure — Default judgments — Setting aside
Justice H. Williams

Pyper v. Goble (2023 ONSC 5389)
Civil procedure — Vexatious proceedings — Characterization of proceedings
Justice R. Ryan Bell

Camabreri v. Sorrenti (2023 ONSC 4918)
Wills and estates — Estates — Administration of estates
Justice S. Gomery

Criminal Matters

R. v. Hillier (2023 ONSC 5374)
Criminal law — Trials — Venue — Change of venue — Grounds for allowing — Section 7
Justice A. London-Weinstein

Court of Appeal Decisions of Local Interest

Collins v. Ontario (2023 ONCA 646)
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms — S. 15 of the Charter rights — Civil procedure
Justices A. Harvison Young, J. Thorburn, and L. Favreau

R. v. Hafizi (2023 ONCA 639)
Constitutional law — Charter of Rights — Search and seizure — Interception of private communications
Justices J. M. Fairburn, D. Doherty, K. Feldman, S. Pepall, and G. Pardu

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